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Description: Anti-tapping research - Office

Monitoring equipment office building: We can also investigate the presence of monitoring equipment in your office, business premises, warehouse or other object! Throughout the Netherlands and abroad we can carry out on-site research into the presence of eavesdropping devices at companies, in homes, meeting rooms or in hotels.

Most advanced equipment:
We only work with the most modern and reliable equipment and upon completion you will receive a report with our findings to which possibly security advice can be linked. This anti-listening device consists of a combination of different systems so that all types of listening devices can be traced. For example, we use non-linear junction detectors, thermal imaging cameras and spectrum analyzers.

anti afluister apparatuur onderzoek

Listening devices found by us:
Despite the fact that often our work only leads to reassurance for our customers, we have already found many listening devices many times! Click here for the monitoring devices we have detected!

Cost of anti-eavesdropping equipment investigation:
The costs for an investigation into listening devices depend on various factors. For example, the size and location of the location determines the research price to a large extent, but also things like the presence of multiple computers can influence the price. The prices start at around 1000 euros excluding VAT, but it is possible to request a quote without obligation.

Appointment anti-eavesdropping equipment investigation:
If you have agreed with the quotation given by us, it is usually possible to schedule anti-monitoring devices in the very short term. It is even possible to have the examination done in the evenings or during the weekend. The people who come to do the monitoring will find you outside the object to be examined and discuss the matters here so that information is not captured in the hands of third parties.

Reporting anti-eavesdropping equipment investigation:
If desired, a professional report will be prepared of our research, including any photos of the listening devices found and / or other findings.

Request anti-eavesdropping?
Call us now on +31 (0) 30 6303631 for an appointment or complete the form at the top right of the page to request an anti-monitoring device.

Pay attention:
The investigation is not conducted by ourselves but by an external company that specializes in such investigations. They will contact you in advance before the investigation takes place. By entering your details with this service on our website you give us permission to provide this information to this third party. It is possible that due to circumstances the third party will offer you a different price than indicated on our website. These prices are indicative only. Sitcon BV indemnifies itself from any liability and accountability regarding the investigation. Any performance wishes or other matters must be clearly discussed with the third party in advance.

Specifications: Anti-tapping research - Office

Best for:: Hire sweep service
Detect:: 2G (GSM), 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, Laser, UHF / LHF / VHF, Wireless camera´s, Wired camera´s
Wireless camera detection: 1,2 Ghz camera´s, 2,4 Ghz camera´s, 5,8 Ghz camera´s
Battery: No
Vibration alarm: No
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Anti-tapping research - Office

Anti-tapping research - Office


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