Android Recovery Stick

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Description: Android Recovery Stick

The Google Android Spy Recovery Stick is a USB stick with forensic android software that allows you to retrieve all existing and deleted data from a Google Android GSM phone. The Android spy recovery stick makes it possible to easily retrieve deleted SMS messages, contacts, call and internet history, photos, memos and calendar data from the mobile phone. This unique android spy product gives you an exact overview with whom the user of the android phone has called, texted and where they have been (using Google Maps history). Use this Android spy recovery stick to back up your own mobile phone or that of your partner or children or to retrieve data that has been deleted.

How does the Android Recovery Stick work?
You need the android mobile phone for which you want to read the information for some time. You install the software of the phone recovery stick on a computer and connect the android phone to this computer. The android phone recovery stick software will now scan the contents of the mobile phone and collect all current and deleted information. After the collection is complete, you can disconnect the mobile phone and view and possibly save the information.

1. Insert the Android Recovery Stick into your computer
Connect the USB stick with the scan software to the computer.
A USB port is recommended for a higher scan speed
on the back of your computer.
2. Run the Android recovery software
Your computer will recognize the USB stick as an external hard drive
and you can click here the logo as shown on the right. It
program will start.
3. Select the Android mobile you want to investigate
When you have connected the android mobile phone to the computer
the recovery program will recognize this and you should use the mobile
4. Select the (hard) disk for saving files
You can save the existing and recovered deleted files
on a hard drive or other storage medium, such as a USB stick.
From this location you can put it back into the desired folder.
5. Click 'Start scan' to start the scan
It's that simple. The scan procedure will start and all present
and deleted files that can be recovered will be
scanned. You can view all files immediately after the recovery procedure.

Android spy recovery stick options:
- Access deleted information
- Download SMS messages and call info
- Recover deleted contacts, SMS messages and Calendar items
- View photos and other multimedia
- Access Google Maps history based on entered locations
- Read notes, voice memos, multimedia files and dynamic text
- The recovered data is scanned at 20 minutes per GB of data
- The data can be copied to a computer / USB stick.

Popular applications Android spy recovery stick:
- Discover adultery from your partner
- View your child's text messages and internet usage
- Check employees for fraud or corporate espionage
- Recover deleted files and messages

Package contents:
- Android spy recovery stick
- USB cable

Android spy recovery stick requirements:
- If the Android mobile phone has a password, it is required.
- Computer with windows 2000, 2003 XP, Vista, 7 (not MAC!)
- Supported Andoid Models:

Specifications: Android Recovery Stick

Solutions for:: Recovering information
Software / APP: Android
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Question:Android Recovery Stick

8.6 / 10
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Android Recovery Stick

Android Recovery Stick

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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