HD (Coax) - 4 channel recorder

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Description: HD (Coax) - 4 channel recorder

This hard disk video recorder 4 channel (DVR) is the ideal storage combination for any CCTV security camera camera. The video recorder can record images from our security cameras or hidden cameras razor-sharp for a longer period of time. For example, with a standard installed 1000 GB hard disk, up to 2 weeks with 4 cameras can be recorded in high quality.

Applications 4 channel digital video recorder
The 4 channel digital video recorder can be used with all security cameras and forms the basis of any CCTV camera system. This digital video recorder supports 4 cameras and can simultaneously record them continuously, on motion detection or on a set timer. At the back of the digital video recorder is a VGA output with which the digital video recorder can be connected to a PC monitor. The images can be displayed directly on it, but recorded images can also be viewed in this way. The digital video recorder also has a network connection, with which the digital video recorder can be connected to the router / modem with a network cable. In this way it becomes possible to view the images of the digital video recorder live from any computer with internet or from a smartphone after having made a few settings.

Motion detection
The digital video recorder has extensive motion detection which can be set in such a way that motion must be detected on the entire screen or only on a specific part of the screen. Furthermore, this recorder has a pre-recording function, which means that the digital video recorder records continuously for 10 seconds and 'sticks' it to the movement. The advantage of this is that you have recorded the entire movement and do not miss anything.

Access via another computer
As soon as the digital video recorder is connected to the internet, it can be accessed remotely. From a computer, this can be done with the web browser, without the need for additional software. When the recorder is placed in your home, it is possible to view the images directly from your work.

Access via a mobile phone
It is also possible to access the recorder from a smartphone APP. Multiple users can log in at the same time.

The recorder can simultaneously display live images, record images, play back, create a backup and be accessed from the network without affecting operation.

Network approach
The digital video recorder can be connected directly to a (computer) monitor via the VGA output to view the live or recorded images. The DVR can also be accessed from a distance simultaneously.

H.264 Video Compression
H.264 compression technique stands for improved quality of the images and less use of the storage capacity of the video images.

Full HD recording resolution
This recorder can record 4 cameras in Full HD quality simultaneously. The advantage of this is sharper and smoother recorded images. This is called full frames.

1000 or 2000 GB Hard disk
We supply the digital video recorder with a 1000 GB hard disk as standard. Although it can be recorded for 3 weeks with 4 cameras, it is possible to order the digital video recorder with a 2 TB hard drive at an additional cost. This will then be installed and set up correctly by us.

Automatic recovery from system failure:
In the event of an unexpected power cut due to, for example, a power failure, the DVR will reset itself to the settings as they were before the power failure.

Hard disk video recorder features:
- H.264 High Profile video compression
- Full HD recording 1920 x 1280 pixels
- Also analog (Coax) support
- 960H & AHD technology support
- 4 channel BNC input
HDMI & VGA output: 1080P
- 4 channel RCA audio input
- 1 channel RCA audio output
- 8 kHz * 16bit, ADPCM audio compression
- 4 channel alarm input
- 1 channel alarm output
- 2 USB ports (mouse + 2.0 port)
- 1 x RJ45 10M / 100M Ethernet port
- 1 x RS485 port
- Support for 17+ PTZ protocols
- 1 hard disk support
TCIP, PPOE, DDNS and NTP network protocol
- Smartphone access: iOS & Android
- 12V, 2A adapter
- 260 x 234 x 45 cm

Contents of the digital video recorder packaging
1 x Hard disk recorder
1 x 1000 or 2000 GB HDD
1 x Adapter
1 x Mouse
1 x Remote control
1 x Instruction Manual

Specifications: HD (Coax) - 4 channel recorder

Conformity: CE
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), 1280 x 720 (HD)
Filming through glass: No
Looking from a distance: Yes
Software / APP: Windows, OS X, iOS, Android
Video out: BNC AHD (Coax), BNC analoog (Coax)
Recording function: Cloud, Hard drive
Max. memory: 2 TB
Meegeleverd geheugen: 1 TB
Motion detection: Post motion, Pre motion, Yes
Alarm notification: Push notification
Audio: Microphone connection
Battery: No
Length cm: 260
Height cm: 234
Wide cm: 45
SKU: 7033

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8.6 / 10
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HD (Coax) - 4 channel recorder

HD (Coax) - 4 channel recorder

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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