Wireless door spy + recording

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Description: Wireless door spy + recording

This wireless door spy with recording function is an ideal security system for watching from your living room who is standing in front of the door. Because the wireless door spy looks like a normal peephole viewer, the person standing in front of the door will hardly notice it being filmed. The receiver is a portable DVR with 5 inch LCD screen which can record the images on motion or manually on an SD card.

Easy installation of wireless door spy:
The wireless door spy consists of two parts and is placed in the hole in the door and screwed on again. The wireless door spy has a connection on the inside of the door for an adapter that powers the door spy. You then place a micro SD card in the wireless receiver and can immediately view the images of the wireless door spy and possibly record it.

Recording on motion detection:
The wireless receiver can record the images on motion and save them on a micro SD card (32 GB max.) So that they can be viewed later or transferred to a computer. Optionally, the motion detection can also be switched off and images can be recorded manually.

5.8 GHz wireless signal:
This wireless door spy uses the new 5.8 GHz wireless signal, so there is a lot less interference and a longer transmitting distance can be achieved between the wireless door spy and the receiver. In practice, you should keep in mind that the maximum distance between the wireless door spy and the receiver is no more than 15 meters, otherwise the image will be disturbed.

Wide-angle lens wireless door spy:
The wireless door spy has a 90-degree wide-angle lens with which a large image can be obtained and it is easy to see who is at the door.

Features wireless door spy:
- 5.8 GHz wireless signal
- 480 TV lines
- 720 x 576 pixels
- 0.008 lux light sensitivity
- DC 12V 35 mA
- 230 mA
- 20 grams
- 14 mm borehole
- 38 to 60 mm thickness door
- BNC connection
- 3.6 - 24V
- -10 to 50 degrees temperature
- 90 degree viewing angle

The door spy itself becomes very hot during use. It is therefore not possible to place the door spy on highly flammable materials.

Features wireless receiver:
- 5.8 GHz wireless signal
- Up to 32 GB micro SD card support
- 800 x 480 pixels
- 720 x 576/640 x 480 pixels
- MPEG-AVI 30 fps
- 20 HZ-20 KHz stereo
- 1 watt speaker
- 10 to 32 hours of recording on a 32 GB SD card
- USB 2.0 port
- Windows and Mac OS
- DV 5V 2A
- 3200 mAH rechargeable battery
- Up to 10 hours of battery operation
131 x 86 x 18 mm
- 205 grams

Package Contents:
1 x Wireless door spy
1 x 5 inch LCD receiver
2 x Adapter
1 x Receiver holder
1 x USB cable
1 x Earbuds
1 x Manual

Specifications: Wireless door spy + recording

Camera type: Camera set Wireless
View angle: 90 - 95 °
Nightvision: Dusk (no IR LEDs)
Filming through glass: No
Waterproof: Yes
Looking from a distance: No
Video out: 5,8 Ghz RF
Recording function: SD card
Max. memory: 32 GB
Motion detection: Yes
Audio: No
LCD: Yes, internal
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Battery working time: 8 - 12 hours
Length cm: 38 - 58 mm
Height cm: 13,8
Wide cm: 13,8
SKU: 7561

Vragen:Wireless door spy + recording

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Wireless door spy + recording

Wireless door spy + recording


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