Wireless Wi-Fi + GSM alarm system EASY

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Pros and cons : Wireless Wi-Fi + GSM alarm system EASY

  • Easy to install complete alarm system with Wi-Fi and SIM card support.
  • Smartphone APP to receive notifications and set alarm.
  • Expandable with additional detectors and siren.
  • No landline or LAN (IP) base station connection.
  • No secure wireless connection.

Description: Wireless Wi-Fi + GSM alarm system EASY

This Wi-Fi + GSM wireless alarm system EASY comes with 2 wireless sensors and can easily be installed yourself and then controlled via the smartphone APP. The Wi-Fi alarm system has a panel with keypad which can be hung against a wall and used to set the alarm and switch it on or off. Furthermore, via the Android and iOS APP it is also possible to operate the Wi-Fi alarm system and receive a push notification in the event of an alarm.

How to install the Wi-Fi + GSM alarm system:
You start the installation by installing the APP on your smartphone. When you then connect the control panel to the mains with the supplied adapter, it will create its own Wi-Fi network. You connect to this network via your smartphone and then set up the alarm system via this direct connection. During this setting, you also program the existing Wi-Fi network and password in the alarm system. The system will then reboot and connect to the Wi-Fi network you specified so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

How to install the sensors:
The Wi-Fi alarm system comes standard with a PIR motion detector, a magnetic contact detector and 2 remote controls. These all work on a battery and connect to the base station via a wireless RF frequency. Up to 100 wireless sensors and 4 wired sensors can be connected to the Wi-Fi alarm system. For example, a waterproof siren is available which gives a very loud alarm and can be hung outside. A complete overview of the available accessories can be found at the bottom of this page under the accessories tab.

Smartphone APP for Android and iOS:
With the APP, the Wi-Fi alarm system is easy to operate via your smartphone. you can turn the alarm on or off and change other settings. It is also possible that you will receive a push notification in the event of an alarm via the APP on your smartphone. This way you are quickly informed if the alarm is triggered.

Optional insertable SIM card:
In addition to operation on the Wi-Fi network, a SIM card can also be placed in this alarm system. If the Wi-Fi / internet connection is lost and there is an alarm, a connection will be made via the inserted SIM card.

EASY VS SMART wireless alarm systems:
Although this EASY wireless alarm system is suitable for many applications and has been extensively tested by us, it is in some cases a consideration to choose our SMART range. For example, when the wireless alarm system is intended for the first home and / or business premises, usually opt for the SMART range and when the system is intended for a second home, garage or storage often for the EASY range. The main differences between EASY and SMART are shown below. View the complete range of SMART alarm systems here :

Wi-Fi connection base station Network cable and SIM card connection base station
No secure wireless connection sensors Secure wireless connection sensors
Up to 1 year battery operation of sensors Up to 5 years of battery operation of sensors
No security class Grade 2 security class
Cannot be connected to the control room To be connected to the control room
Made in China Made in the EU

Package contents:
1 x Wireless alarm system EASY
1 x PIR motion detector
1 x Magnetic contact detector
2 x Remote control
1 x Wall mount
1 x Adapter
1 x Instruction Manual

Specifications: Wireless Wi-Fi + GSM alarm system EASY

Detector: Movement, Door, Window
Alarm type: Wireless systeem
Sirene: Intern, External optional
Audio: Yes, two way
Alarm notification: Push notification, Siren
Decibel alarm: < 80 decibel
Smartphone APP: Android, iOS
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Battery working time: 3 - 8 hours
Max. wired sensors: 8 wired sensors
Max. wireless sensors: 16 Wireless sensors
Wireless frequency: 433 Mhz
Zend afstand: 20 - 50 Mtr.
Waterproof: No
Adapter voltage: 110 - 220 volt
Conformity: CE
SKU: 7722

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Wireless Wi-Fi + GSM alarm system EASY

Wireless Wi-Fi + GSM alarm system EASY


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