Thermal imaging camera

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Specifications: Thermal imaging camera

Vibration alarmNo

Our handheld thermal imager is a professional thermal thermal imager that can be used to detect energy leaks, people, hemp nurseries / cannabis plantations. The thermal camera has a built-in LCD screen that makes it possible to directly view what the thermal imaging camera is filming. It is also possible to take a screenshot of the image at the touch of a button, which can be copied to a PC or laptop after use via the USB output.

How does the thermal imaging camera work:
The thermal imaging camera has a special thermal lens that makes it possible to observe temperature differences in a room. The thermal camera is a very user-friendly product that is easy to operate with the 3 buttons. The image contains a focus point that you can point at an object to measure its temperature.

Internal Memory Thermal Imager:
With the thermal imaging camera it is possible to take screenshots of the image you film. The thermal camera has an internal memory for up to 500 screenshots, which you can view on the camera itself or copy to a laptop or PC to keep as evidence.

Detecting (insulation) leaks:
The thermal imaging camera is often used to detect extreme heat sources in a house or shed. When you point this thermal camera at a house/shed from outside, you will see exactly a heat source if it is not properly insulated. This camera is therefore often used to detect hemp plantations, which are easily found if they are not properly isolated.

Measuring the temperature of people:
The thermal imaging camera can measure the temperature of people up to 3 meters away in real-time.

Can be connected to an external monitor:
By connecting the thermal imaging camera to a PC, it is possible to display what the thermal imaging camera display indicates on a monitor.

Thermal imaging camera properties:

Thermal sensor 256x192 Vox
Optical sensor 640x480
Temperature resolution 0.1ºC
Viewing angle (thermal) 56º x 42º
Precision ±0.5°C
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) ≤ 50 mK

Package contents:
1x Thermal imaging camera
1x USB cable
1x Battery charger with mains plug for EU, UK, US and Australia
1x Quick guide + CD-ROM with user documentation

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Thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging camera