Wall microphone - Plus

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Description: Wall microphone - Plus

Professional compact wall spy that can amplify sounds up to 30,000 times. With this wall spy / wall microphone it is possible to listen through concrete, steel, wood, glass and stone and hear sounds that are normally not heard.

Applications wall spy:
The wall spies are designed to detect the presence of bombs, because the slightest tick can be heard, but the wall microphones are also widely used by plumbers to detect leaks and clogs or to check whether a meeting room is leaking.

High quality microphone:
This wall spy is equipped with a Brass type microphone of high sensitivity, with which a much better result can be achieved than with standard wall microphones.

Wall spy made in Japan:
This wall spy was designed and manufactured in Japan and stands out in terms of quality above and beyond Chinese counterfeiting!

Characteristics wall spy:
- Size Amplifier 21 x 55 x 70 (85) mm,
- Microphone Ø30 x 18mm,
- Cord Length 1m
- Weight Amplifier 112g,
- Microphone 60g
- Power Supply 006P9V x 1
- Battery Life 60hrs (alkaline)
- Input Ø2.5mm mono (mic)
- Output Ø3.5mm stereo (ear), Ø3.5mm mono (rec)

Package Contents:
1 x Wall spy
1 x High sensitivity microphone
1 x 9V battery

Note: Due to the specific nature of the product, products put into use are not returned.

Specifications: Wall microphone - Plus

Battery: No
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Wall microphone - Plus

Wall microphone - Plus


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