UTP video balun (x2)

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Description: UTP video balun (x2)

With a UTP video balun you can place cameras at a long distance from the recorder without on-site power and without loss of quality. The video, audio and power are sent through the UTP cable. How do UTP video baluns work: `Two baluns are always used. The first balun is connected to the camera. Both the video connection and the power connection of the camera are clicked on the balun. Then a UTP cable is used, which goes from the camera to your recording / playback device. A second balun is clicked on at the end of this UTP cable. This second balun is connected to your recording / playback device. Then the adapter of the camera is connected to this second balun. Both the video and stream signal now go through the same UTP Cable. The power and video function works excellent up to 100 meters, only the video function up to 400 meters. These baluns work with all wired cameras and can be connected to any recording / playback device. 2 pieces are supplied.

Specifications: UTP video balun (x2)

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Vragen:UTP video balun (x2)

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UTP video balun (x2)

UTP video balun (x2)


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