Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD)

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Description: Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD)

The Phone DVR Spycam - (PV-900HD) is an unobtrusive HD spy camera from the Lawmate brand. With this spy camera it is possible to record images in full HD 1280 x 960 pixels at 30 frames per second. The phone spy camera is a look a like sony eriksen camera that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Due to the very inconspicuous appearance, this spy camera can be used in any situation without being noticed.

Operation Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD):
The Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD) is an all in one spy camera which means that the camera has both storage and battery capacity. The phone's spy camera can then be used in various recording functions such as motion detection and continuous record. The images from the spy camera are stored on a removable SD card. The images can be viewed via both the telephone and computer.

Recording options Phone DVR Spy camera - (PV-900HD):
With this Phone DVR Spycamera - (PV-900HD) it is possible to record the images in different modes in high quality such as motion detection / timer record and continuous recording. The various recording options make this spy camera the ideal product for any situation.

Video resolution Phone DVR Spy camera - (PV-900HD):
The Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD) can record at different resolutions with the highest possible resolution being 1280x960 pixels and the lowest being 320x240. The number of frames per second can also be adjusted. , it is possible to record from 640x480 or lower at 60 frames per second and with the higher resolutions to record at 30 frames per second.

SD Storage Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD):
The images of the Phone DVR Spycamera - (PV-900HD) are stored on a removable micro SD card. The phone recorder supports SD cards with a maximum storage of 32GB. We advise our customers to use SD cards from class 8, when you use class 8 or lower you have the chance to get very delayed images.

Battery life Phone DVR Spy camera - (PV-900HD):
The Telephone DVR Spycamera - (PV-900HD) has a removable 3.7v 1200mA battery. On this battery, the spy camera can stand by for 4 hours and film continuously for 1.5 hours.

Secret Recording Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD):
With the Phone DVR Spycam - (PV-900HD) it is possible to record images and sound without anyone noticing. At the time of recording, you can turn off the image of the phone so that it appears that the phone is off or on standby, but the spy camera will continue to film.

Date and time display Phone DVR Spy camera - (PV-900HD):
When you want to use the video images as proof, the time and date stamp is very useful. In this way there can be no doubt when and at what time the video recordings were made. It is also possible to turn this option off so that no date and time are shown with the recordings.

Review Images Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD):
The recorded images with the Phone DVR Spycam - (PV-900HD) can be viewed in the playback menu of the spy camera. It is also possible to remove the SD card from the camera and place it in the card reader of your PC. The PC will recognize the SD card as an external hard drive and display the recorded images. The images can be viewed on your PC with the standard media players. The images can also be deleted via your PC or on the telephone itself.

Low Light Recording Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD):
Due to the low light sensitivity of the lens, good quality recordings can still be made in the (almost) dark. Near dark means that there must be some light, but it can be very dim, such as a twilight lamp or emergency exit light. The lens has a lux of 0.05, which distinguishes itself from cheaper Chinese imitations.

Features Phone DVR Spycam - (PV-900HD):

- 2.5 inch LCD screen

- 0.2 lux light sensitive

- ASF video format

- JPEG photo format

- 4 different recording options

- SD support up to 32GB

- Overwrite function

- Date and time stamp

- Removable 3.7v 1200mA battery

- Dimensions: 110x54x23mm

- Weight: 90 grams

- High quality from the Lawmate brand

- 4 hours standby and 1.5 hours continuous recording

- Video / Photo function

- Recording on battery or adapter

Package contents:

1x Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD)

1x Removable 3.7v 1200mA battery

1x AV Cable

1x USB 2.0 Cable

1x DC 5V Adapter

1x Earplugs

1x Phone protection pouch

Specifications: Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD)

Camera type: Self recording camera
Nightvision: Dusk (no IR LEDs)
Filming through glass: No
Recording function: SD card
Max. memory: 32 GB
Motion detection: Yes
LCD: Yes, internal
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Battery working time: 3 - 8 hours
Length cm: 110
Height cm: 54
Wide cm: 23
Gewicht: 90 gram
Conformity: CE
SKU: 7665

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Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD)

Phone DVR Spy Camera - (PV-900HD)


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