Driving school / Taxi camera + GPS

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Description: Driving school / Taxi camera + GPS

This driving school / taxi camera has very unique features, making it very suitable to protect both the driver and the passengers of the taxi or to use at a car driving school. The dashcam has 2 lenses, 1 of which films the road and the other the driver and passengers. Recording these two images simultaneously is done with the addition of the GPS location and audio and all you need to do is place the camera on the window with the suction cups and connect it to the cigarette adapter for power.

Example video driving school / taxi camera

2 lenses driving school / taxi camera:
This compact box has not 1, but 2 cameras, both on the front and back. The lens on the front of this taxi camera films the road at an angle of 120 degrees. The lens on the back of the box films the inside of the car at a very wide angle of 170 degrees. This makes it possible to film both the people in the front seats and in the back seat.

GPS driving school / taxi camera positions:
The GPS position is immediately saved during filming. When you look back at the images, you can immediately see where the car / taxi was driving at that time. This is especially useful in possible situations in traffic or with passengers. These images with the precise GPS positions will of course make you a lot stronger in a possible lawsuit or declaration.

G-sensor driving school / taxi camera:
A G sensor is built into the car driving school / taxi dashboard camera. This G sensor registers any shocks. When these are heftif, it immediately saves the last file and protects it. This prevents the images from being damaged or not saved in the event of a collision.

Loop recording driving school / taxi camera:
The car driving school / taxi camera comes without micro SD card, but supports up to 32GB micro SD card. The camera uses 2GB per hour of filming, so 16 hours can be filmed with a 32GB micro SD card. Furthermore, the camera can be set to 'loop recording', which means that the oldest files are overwritten when the micro SD card is full.

Playback driving school / taxi camera images:
The car driving school / taxi camera comes with a software CD for Windows, which allows you to view the images from both cameras and the location on a map at the same time. You can do this by connecting the taxi camera to the computer with the supplied USB cable, but much more convenient is that this can also be done from the micro SD card. So if you have 2 micro sd cards, you only have to exchange the cards if you want to view the images on a computer.

Driving school / taxi camera features:
- H.264 compression
- 720P Cmos sensor at the front
- 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 fps
- 120 degree front lens
- VGA Cmos sensor at the back
640 x 480 pixels at 15 fps
- 170 degree rear lens
- 5V 1A
- -15 to 55 degrees working temperature
- Up to 32 GB micro SD card support
- GPS data logger
- Built-in microphone
- Internal 3G G-sensor with file protection
- Only suitable for Windows

Package contents:
- 2 lens GPS dashboard camera
- Suction cup
- 12V car adapter
- Software CD Windows
- Instruction manual

Specifications: Driving school / Taxi camera + GPS

Resolution: 1280 x 720 (HD)
Lens sensor: CMOS, 1.3 MP
Frames per second: 25 - 30
View angle: 120 - 140 °
Nightvision: 5 -10 Mtr
GPS receiver: Internal
Motion detection: Yes
Loop recording: Yes
Dual lens: Yes, external
Video format: AVI
USB port: Yes
Playback possible via: Windows PC
Collision detection: Yes
Microphone: Yes
Speaker: Internal
Photo function: No
Optical zoom: No
Digital zoom: Nee
Max. memory: 32 GB
Recording function: SD card
Max. opname geheugen: 12 - 24 hours
Battery: No
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Battery working time: 0 - 1 hour
Adapter voltage: 12 volt, 24 volt
Length cm: 114
Height cm: 25
Wide cm: 56,5
SKU: 7338

Vragen:Driving school / Taxi camera + GPS

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Driving school / Taxi camera + GPS

Driving school / Taxi camera + GPS


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