Wideband detector EASY

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Specifications: Wideband detector EASY

Best for:Detect listening devices
Detect:UHF / LHF / VHF, Wireless camera´s
Wireless camera detection1,2 Ghz camera´s, 2,4 Ghz camera´s, 5,8 Ghz camera´s
Detection range1 - 10 Mtr
Battery typeAAA
Vibration alarmYes
Battery working time3 - 8 hours
Length cm80
Height cm15.5
Wide cm52

This wideband transmitter detector EASY is easy to use for detecting spy cameras and eavesdropping equipment. This eavesdropping bug detector is ideal for getting started yourself. Check for yourself whether you are being tapped with this eavesdropping detection system and whether listening devices have been placed in a specific room.

How does the eavesdropping detection system work?
Eavesdropping equipment and GPS tracking systems almost all work with a transmitter and a receiver, where the eavesdropping transmitter on a specific frequency such as UHF or GSM forwards the data to the receiver. The transmission of the eavesdropping equipment and GPS systems can be recognized with this eavesdropping detection system. The eavesdropping detection system will give an indication when a signal is detected and also indicate how strong this signal is.

The eavesdropping detection system recognizes a signal: What now?
When the eavesdropping detection system detects a signal and the indicator lights up, you need to determine what the signal is and where the signal is coming from. You can find the origin of the signal by turning back the sensitivity when the eavesdropping detection system switches off until it no longer gives an indication. Then you walk 2 steps to each side and see in which direction the eavesdropping detection system gives an indication. Repeat this until the location of the signal is found. You then investigate the source of the signal and assess whether it is a harmful signal. Sometimes it may be that the signal comes from a normal household appliance such as a DECT telephone.

Detecting camera systems:
In addition to recognizing signals, this eavesdropping detection system can also recognize wired and wireless spy cameras. The anti-eavesdropping system has a built-in lens finder. This is a peephole with a laser beam that allows you to view all walls, products and ceilings. Camera lenses reflect the laser light in a different way so that they can be discovered with it.

EASY VS PLUS and PRO version:
This easy wideband detector is recommended by us for detecting simple eavesdropping devices and spy gadgets. If you suspect that more professional equipment may be used, consider our PLUS or PRO wideband detectors. The PLUS rf detector has the advantage over the EASY version that it has a longer range and a pin-point antenna, which makes it easier to determine the location of the eavesdropping device. View the Wideband transmitter detector PLUS here . The PRO version also has the advantage that it has an activity log function, with which channels that send data with a batch from time to time can also be traced. View the Wideband transmitter detector PRO here

Eavesdropping detection system detects:
Hidden RF monitoring transmitters
UHF / VHF / LHF transmitters
GPS tracker & car tracking systems
Wireless and wired spy cameras
GSM 'infinity' eavesdropping transmitters

Eavesdropping detection system does not detect:
- Eavesdropping equipment that is turned off
- GPS systems without a SIM card

Features eavesdropping detection system EASY:
- RF detection from 20 Mhz to 6 Ghz
- Digital and WI-FI signal detection
- GSM detection
- SMS message detection
- Wired camera detection function
- Sound and vibration mode

Package contents:
1 x Wideband transmitter detector EASY
2 x AAA batteries
1 x manual

Note: Due to the specific nature of the product, products that have been put into use will not be returned.

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Wideband detector EASY

Wideband detector EASY