Eavesdropping GSM transmitter - Power strip

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Description: Eavesdropping GSM transmitter - Power strip

Professional eavesdropping GSM transmitter built into a working power strip for endless eavesdropping without being bothered by a battery capacity. A mobile phone monitoring module is built into the working power strip, with which you can monitor the room from anywhere in the world. This power strip distinguishes itself in sound quality and appearance from other eavesdropping equipment sockets that are for sale because the SIM card slot is not visible and the quality of the microphone.

Unobtrusive design eavesdropping equipment:
Even if someone has this fixed or lying in front of them all day, this power strip with built-in transmitter will still not stand out. Our own technical service builds the mobile phone transmitter, so there is no slot or anything else that betrays its operation. The functionality of all plugs has also been retained when placing the mobile phone transmitter. The on / off button on the power strip has NO influence on the operation of the GSM transmitter, because we have linked it for this.

No limitation by battery life:
Because the built-in GSM module is powered directly from the power strip, you never have to worry about an empty battery.

How to use the power strip monitor transmitter?
We supply the power strip eavesdropping transmitter with pre-paid SIM card installed. It is possible to install a SIM card supplied by you on request. You then call the number of the SIM card in the power strip with any landline or mobile phone, after which the built-in GSM eavesdropping module will automatically activate the microphone so that you can clearly hear what is being said in the room where the power strip is.

Does the power strip monitor transmitter work everywhere?
It doesn't matter how far away you are from the eavesdropping device. The built-in GSM transmitter works via the GSM (mobile) network and if you place the transmitter in Amsterdam, for example, and you call from Antwerp, you will hear it just as clearly! It is also possible to place a different SIM card, for example of the country where you place the power strip with transmitter.

Two versions of power strip with monitor transmitter:
We supply the power strip with built-in transmitter in 2 versions, where you can choose to have a transmitter placed in the power strip with alarm function when sound is detected. You must send a text message to the SIM card in the power strip containing a code from the manual and the telephone number to be called if sound is detected. This function can be switched on or off with an SMS command. The sound quality and other operation is the same with both versions.

Sound quality power strip with monitor transmitter:
Although the sound quality of this power strip is much better than other power strips available, the 220 volt voltage can still cause some hum in the line. Although the GSM transmitter is insulated by us in the socket as well as possible, the sound cannot be as crystal clear as with some of our separate GSM transmitters. It is possible at our stores to test the power strip whether the sound quality is acceptable for you. So you will hear the sounds and voices just fine. If you really need the clearest sound quality, we recommend a separate GSM transmitter such as the GSM transmitter pro .

Optional telephone recorder:
With our telephone recorder with item number SKU 7180, it is possible to record the sounds directly with your telephone when you dial in to the GSM transmitter. In this way you can listen to certain parts again if you have not heard it correctly or to use it as evidence.

Package contents:
Power strip with monitoring transmitter
SIM card
Instruction manual

Sitcon accepts no liability for the incorrect or unlawful use of the espionage products offered by us and advises everyone to check before purchase and use whether the use of the product is legal in the country for the desired use and application.

Specifications: Eavesdropping GSM transmitter - Power strip

Conformity: CE
Best for:: Eavesdropping rooms
Alarm notification: Call, SMS message
Sound detection: Ja
Microphone: Yes
Microphone sensitivity: 5 - 10 Mtr
Voice filter: Ja
Speaker: No
Battery: No
Battery type: N.v.t.
Battery working time: N / A
Recording function: No
Max. memory: N.v.t.
Max. opname geheugen: N.v.t.
Adapter voltage: 110 - 220 volt
Length cm: 235
Height cm: 95
Wide cm: 32
SKU: 6011

Question:Eavesdropping GSM transmitter - Power strip

8.7 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Eavesdropping GSM transmitter - Power strip

Eavesdropping GSM transmitter - Power strip

8.7 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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