GSM Phone Spy Periscope Lens

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Specifications: GSM Phone Spy Periscope Lens


This spy lens is a periscope lens that can be used on almost all mobile phone models, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony and LG, with a camera on the back of the phone. With this spy periscope lens you can discreetly film in a different direction than holding your phone. The spy periscope lens is easy to (dis) assemble and can therefore be used quickly.

How does the spy periscope lens work:
The spy lens has a magnetic attachment where you stick 1 of the 3 included rings around the lens of the phone where you can then click the periscope lens. This way you can change the direction of the camera because the spy lens has internal mirrors that work like a periscope.

Spy periscope lens compatibility:
Due to the simple application of magnets, the spy periscope lens is suitable for almost 99% of the phones that have a camera lens on the back. For example, this spy periscope lens can be used on the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series, but it can also be used on mobile phones from HTC, Nokia, Sony, LG and the like.

Package contents:
1 x Spy Periscope lens
3 x Metal mounting ring

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GSM Phone Spy Periscope Lens

GSM Phone Spy Periscope Lens