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Description: Watch voice recorder PLUS

This smartwatch watch has a built-in voice recorder with which recordings can be made at the touch of a button. This way you always have a voice recorder at hand, with which you can record the conversations you have. It is possible to start recording both continuously and on sound detection, whereby the voice recorder watch has a battery of up to 33 hours of recording. Nothing further shows that it is not a normal smartwatch.

How to use the smartwatch voice recorder watch?
The battery of the smartwatch recorder should be charged for at least 4 hours before use. There is a USB connection on the watch itself with which it can be connected to a computer or 5-volt adapter. When you then press the on / off button for 2 seconds, the voice recorder will immediately start recording. The screen will go back to black after 20 seconds so that nothing can be seen that recording is taking place. When you press the on / off button once briefly, the information about the recording is displayed. If you then press the button again for longer (2 seconds), the recording will stop and will be saved.

How to listen to the recorded sound files?
The smartwatch voice recorder has a USB connection with which it can be connected to the PC. A pop-up will then open with an external hard drive of the watch voice recorder. The files folder contains the recorded files which can be listened to directly with a standard Media Player, but can also be copied or attached to an e-mail.

Features voice recorder watch:
- Up to 33 hours recording time
- Continuous or Sound Detection recording
- Rechargeable li-ion battery
- 27.7 x 75.2 x 112.3mm
- 27.2 grams

Package contents:
1 x Smartwatch voice recorder PLUS

Specifications: Watch voice recorder PLUS

Microphone sensitivity: 1 - 5 Mtr
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Sound detection: Nee
Battery working time: 8 - 12 hours
Batterijduur standby: 8 - 12 uur
Playback possible via: Windows PC, Mac OS
Speaker: No
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Question:Watch voice recorder PLUS

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Watch voice recorder PLUS

Watch voice recorder PLUS

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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