Directional Microphone - Handheld

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Description: Directional Microphone - Handheld

This directional microphone can make sounds audible up to 20 meters * away with 30 DB amplification !. Now hear what is being said on the other side of the room with these spy gadgets microphone amplifier! Due to its small size, the spy gadgets microphone amplifier can easily be hidden in a bag or jacket and is always ready to use to amplify sounds with this microphone. are listening. The 2 x AA batteries (included) provide a battery life of up to 80 hours and with the adjustable volume you can dose the sounds.

How does the spy gadget directional microphone work ?:
The spy gadgets microphone is a sound amplifier. In the box is a sensitive microphone that you aim at the place where the sound comes from. Imagine you are sitting on a patio and want to hear what is being said on the table next to you. You hold the spy gadgets microphone in your hand (which resembles an MP3 player) and the earplugs in your ear. You focus on the side where the conversation is taking place and you will hear the sounds better.

What can the spy gadget microphone do?
The spy gadgets microphone cannot make sounds audible through walls or over longer than 20 meters. Also, the factory specified 20 meters are under ideal conditions. So when you use it at a location with a lot of noise, this will quickly decrease to just a few meters.

Features spy gadgets directional microphone:

- Dimensions 40 x 69 x 20 mm
- Decibel amplification 30 DB
- Max. listen away 20 meters
- Battery life 80 hours

Package contents:
Spy gadgets directional microphone
2 x AA batteries
Carrying pouch





Specifications: Directional Microphone - Handheld

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Directional Microphone - Handheld

Directional Microphone - Handheld


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