Smoke detector camera (A) ELITE

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Description: Smoke detector camera (A) ELITE

The smoke detector camera ELITE (A) is a 4K camera built into the bottom of a dummy smoke detector with a 220 volt adapter connection. The smoke detector camera can therefore be connected to the mains and film continuously or in case of movement in high 4K resolution.

How to install the smoke detector camera ELITE (A):
A micro SD card with a maximum size of 128 GB (32 GB included) must be placed in the smoke detector camera. Then, by following the steps in the manual, you can set whether the camera should record motion or continuous, and set things like date and time. The smoke detector camera can be mounted with screws (not included).

wide angle lens:
The smoke detector 4K camera has a downward-facing lens. As a result, this camera can be placed in a corner more than the smoke detector camera with a lens mounted downwards.

Mains connection:
Due to the adapter connection, this smoke detector camera is not dependent on a battery capacity as with our Xtreme life models and therefore film for longer and has a more sensitive motion detection.

Play images:
Viewing the images is possible on any computer or smartphone that has an SD card reader. You remove the micro SD card, place it in the computer or smartphone and the images can be played with a standard media player.

Adjust settings via SD card or monitor:
The camera has an AV output that allows you to connect it directly to a TV or monitor to adjust the settings. It is also possible to adjust the settings via a text file on the SD card if you do not have a monitor with an AV input.

Night vision:
The smoke detector camera is equipped with 940nm IR LEDs that allow up to 5 meters of night vision in the dark without the IR LEDs being visible to the naked eye.

4K Ultra HD resolution:
This camera is of the latest generation of mini surveillance cameras which have a 4K Ultra HD resolution. That means that the camera can film with 2280 x 2160 pixels. By default, the camera is set to Full HD resolution in order to make optimal use of the inserted SD memory card.

Hand-assembled in the USA:
This mini security camera was designed and assembled by hand in the USA at a supplier specialized in special cameras. Because the interior is assembled by hand, it is important to handle the camera with care.

- 2280 x 2160 effective pixels
- Sony sensor IMX326
- 1/2.7 lens
- F2.2 aperture
- 120 degree viewing angle
- Resolution: 4K: 24fps | 2K: 30fps | 1296P: 30fps | 1080P: 60fps & 30fps | 720P: 120fps, 60fps & 30fps
- H.264 video compression
- Up to 128 GB SD card support
- Motion Detection and Continuous Shooting
- 12 volt adapter connection
- DC5V 1000mA input
- .MP4 file format
- Play via TV or PC / Mac

Package contents:
1 x Smoke detector camera (A) ELITE
1 x AV cable
1 x Adapter 110 / 220 volts
1 x Remote Control
1 x 32GB SD card
1 x Manual

Specifications: Smoke detector camera (A) ELITE

Conformity: CE
Camera type: Self recording camera
Resolution:3840 x 2160 (4x Full HD)
Looking from a distance:No
Nightvision:5 -10 Mtr
View angle: 120 - 140 °
Filming through glass: No
Recording function: SD card
Max. memory: 128 GB
Meegeleverd geheugen: 32 GB
Motion detection: Yes
Audio: Yes
Battery: No
SKU: 7913

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8.6 / 10
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Smoke detector camera (A) ELITE

Smoke detector camera (A) ELITE

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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