Partner alimony research

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Description: Partner alimony research

The purpose of an alimony investigation is to prove that your ex-partner is cohabiting again if you are married or have an employment relationship. If you pay partner alimony and suspect that this is wrong, you can now have it investigated! An alimony investigation usually covers a longer period and consists of several investigation parts. During the investigation, we will continue to work in close consultation with you to get the best results.

How does a partner maintenance investigation start:
We usually start by mapping a full week and in addition a few 'puncture' days spread over a few weeks. Partner alimony research is usually started by ascertaining who enters the house every evening in the evening and who leaves from there in the morning. Furthermore, (even after receiving information from the client) we will try to establish that the ex-partner has an advantage in the new situation or forms an economic unit with the new partner.

Gathering proof:
We try to map as many activities as possible, such as doing groceries, taking a vacation, visiting family, using each other's property and such. We can also check on the basis of the complete personal details whether the address where there is presumably cohabitation is mentioned somewhere. This does not mean basic administration, but matters such as parking permit, address known to employer, benefits agency, bank and the like. In addition, we will try to prove that there is an affective relationship. This takes shape, for example, when we see people walking hand in hand or when this is reflected in statements from third parties.

The statements can possibly be obtained by conducting a neighborhood investigation after completion of the observation at the address where the persons now live together and the address that is given by one of the parties as the actual home address.

Reporting alimony research:
Sample reports of our partner alimony investigations can be requested free of charge by filling in the contact form on the 'More information' tab. You will receive the sample report and cost estimate within 24 hours. The alimony investigations are carried out by the detective agency QUSO BV, recognized by the Ministry of Justice, which specialize in all forms of alimony investigation .

Request partner maintenance research?
Prior to a partner maintenance investigation, we request that you first discuss your case with us by e-mail or by telephone. We will then provide you with a cost estimate and agree on an advance payment amount based on the type of research and expected research costs. During and after the investigation you will receive an invoice with hours specification according to the specified hourly and kilometer costs. Every invoice must be paid within 14 days.

Call the partner alimony specialist now for info: Recherchebureau QUSO BV : 030-2920200

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Partner alimony research

Partner alimony research


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