GSM voice recorder - Jack plug

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Description: GSM voice recorder - Jack plug

This mobile phone voice recorder is an ideal device for recording conversations that you have on your mobile phone. The GSM voice recorder is very easy to use and plugs directly into the 3.5 inch Jack input of the mobile phone. Operating this gsm voice recorder is easy, because it works with a slide on the side of the gsm voice recorder to turn it on or off. This mobile phone recording device is suitable for all mobile phones with a 3.5 inch Jack plug, such as an iPhone, Android or other smartphone.

How does the GSM voice recorder work?
You click the gsm voice recorder with the jack plug on your gsm telephone and then call it as you normally do. On the side of the gsm recorder is a slide with which you can switch the recording function on or off. It does not matter whether you use the GSM voice recorder for incoming or outgoing calls and whether you activate the recording function in the middle of the call. The recorder will work at all times and record both sides of the conversation without this being heard by the conversation partner or noticed in any other way.

Want to listen to recorded mobile phone conversations?
The GSM voice recorder has a built-in 4 GB memory with which 144 hours of conversations can be recorded. To listen to the conversations and possibly copy or delete them to your computer, connect the GSM voice recorder to your Windows PC or Mac OS machine with the supplied USB cable. The computer will recognize the GSM voice recorder as an external hard drive and immediately display all files. You can then, for example, save it or send it by email. It is also possible to listen to the conversations directly without a computer with the supplied earpiece.

GSM voice recorder features:
- No complicated buttons or menus, just a slider to turn the GSM voice recorder on / off
- Record up to 144 hours of conversations in MP3 format on the built-in 4 GB memory
- With the rechargeable internal battery, it can be recorded for about 20 hours.
- Record both sides of the telephone conversation without the other party noticing. It is also possible to start recording during the call.
- Outside as a gsm voice recorder, this device can also be used as a normal voice recorder for recording conversations or meetings.
- The 3.5 inch Jack plug makes this mobile phone recorder compatible with all phones that have this 3.5 inch Jack plug such as iPhone *, Android, Nokia, Blackberry and even cheap pre-paid phone.
- The gsm voice recorder is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Listening to the conversations is easy with the supplied earpiece or by connecting the GSM voice recorder to your computer. This will recognize the recorder as an external hard drive and thus the files can be copied and / or deleted.

Package contents:
1 x GSM voice recorder
1 x Earpiece
1 x USB cable
1 x Instruction Manual

Specifications: GSM voice recorder - Jack plug

Microphone sensitivity: N.v.t.
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Sound detection: Nee
Battery working time: 8 - 12 hours
Batterijduur standby: 8 - 12 uur
Playback possible via: Windows PC
Speaker: No
Length cm: 69
Height cm: 29
Wide cm: 7.2
Gewicht: 25
SKU: 7551

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GSM voice recorder - Jack plug

GSM voice recorder - Jack plug


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