Metal Detector - Basic

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Specifications: Metal Detector - Basic


The Metal Detector - Basic is a very user-friendly and can be used by everyone. The Metal Detector - Basic has a clear indicator that shows when the Metal Detector detects anything metal. You can also use a beep indication that beeps faster and faster when you come close to metal.

How the Metal Detector - Basic works:
The Metal Detector - Basic works on an exchangeable 9V battery. You can then turn on the Metal Detector by turning up the volume knob. If you now hold the Metal Detector to about 10 centimeters above the ground, it will respond to everything that contains something of metal. The Metal Detector - Basic will indicate this with a Metal indicator or with a beep sound. The Metal Detector - Basic will beep faster and faster when you come close to a metal object.

Ideal for finding:
With the Metal Detector - Basic you can find all kinds of objects that contain something made of metal, such as: coins, jewelry, gold and silver in almost all types of soil. Due to the metal and beep indicator, this Metal Detector can be used by everyone.

Adjustable Steel Metal Detector - Basic:
The Metal Detector - Basic works with an adjustable handle so that it can be used for small and large. The handle works with a turning construction, when you loosen it, the handle can be adjusted to the correct length.

Detects up to 15 centimeters deep:
With the Metal Detector - Basic it is possible to detect metal objects up to a depth of 15 centimeters. With the volume knob you can adjust the detection range from shallow to deeper.

Features Metal Detector - Basic:

- Detects up to 15 cm depth

- Waterproof metal detector

- Battery indicator

- Comfortable arm support

- Sound as a visual indicator

- Operates on 9V replaceable battery

- Adjustable Stem

- Headphone Input

Package contents:

- Metal Detector - Basic

- Instruction manual

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Metal Detector - Basic

Metal Detector - Basic