Laser defeater - White noise

Laser defeater - White noise

Laser defeater - White noise

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Specifications: Laser defeater - White noise

Best for:Protect data
Protect with:White noice
Battery type9V
Vibration alarmNo
Battery working time2 - 4 weeks

This laser defeater is an anti-eavesdropping device that specifically focuses on protecting against laser-controlled directional microphones. By generating white noise, it is no longer possible to eavesdrop on conversations in a room by means of a laser eavesdropping system.

How does a laser eavesdropping system work:
To begin with, laser eavesdropping systems are very difficult to obtain for private customers and very expensive, which is why they are almost only used by government agencies. With a laser eavesdropping system, a laser beam is aimed at the window of the room that you want to eavesdrop on. The window picks up the vibrations when you speak or make other noises. The laser beam catches it through the window and converts it back into sound at the receiver. This is possible up to a distance of more than 1 km.

How does the laser defater work:
Stick the laser defeater to the window with the suction cup. The laser defeater works on a 9V battery (included) and will make a white noise (audible sound) when you turn it on. This noise makes it impossible to eavesdrop on conversations through the laser.

Features laser defeater:
- Protection against laser eavesdropping devices
- Generates white noise for security
- Up to 500 hours of use on 9V battery
- Can be placed against the window with a suction cup

Package contents:
1 x Laser Defeater with suction cup
1 x 9V battery

Please note: Due to the specific nature of the product, products that have been used cannot be returned.

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Laser defeater - White noise

Laser defeater - White noise