Killer Key - Schlage

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Description: Killer Key - Schlage

The Killer Key is a special key that prevents a door from being picked up and locked. There are all kinds of simple and especially cheap picklock sets for sale on the internet for opening a door, with these sets it is possible to open a door that is locked within 2 minutes.

How does a Killer Key work:
A Killer Key is a key made of strong material that you can insert into your door lock both on the inside and outside. The moment the key is in the lock of your door, it cannot be opened with any picklock set, so you have a safe and inexpensive solution to prevent picklocking of your door.

Permanently securing your door:
The key is milled in at the top of the Killer Key, so you can easily break the key if, for example, you are not using a door and it can be opened from the outside with a key. You can put the Killer Key in the lock on the outside of the door and then break it off by pushing the key to the side, the back of the Killer Key will now break off and the FRONT SIDE will remain in the lock. From this moment on it is no longer possible to pick-lock this lock, but it is still possible to open the door from the inside.

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1x Killer Key - Schlage

Specifications: Killer Key - Schlage

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Question:Killer Key - Schlage

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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Killer Key - Schlage

Killer Key - Schlage

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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