Vesta Cable-free alarm system with Outdoor PIR cam Xtreme life PLUS

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Specifications: Vesta Cable-free alarm system with Outdoor PIR cam Xtreme life PLUS

DetectorMovement, Door, Camera, Window
Alarm typeWireless systeem, Alarmsysteem op batterij
Alarm notificationPush notification, E-mail, SMS message
Decibel alarm>100 decibel
Smartphone APPAndroid, iOS
Battery typeD Cell

Pros and cons :

  • Completely cable-free. Up to one year of battery operation.
  • No electricity or internet required at the location.
  • Ideal for securing boats, garages, campers, caravans, etc
  • Including outdoor PIR with camera for photo verification in case of alarm
  • EN50131 Grade 2 certificate.
  • The system only works on a SIM card and does not support Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

This Vesta cable-free alarm system on battery with Outdoor PIR camera distinguishes itself from other alarm systems by fully standalone operation. Where with other alarm systems only the sensors operate wirelessly and on battery, this alarm system also includes the base station itself. The base station connects to a SIM card to provide alarm notifications, so no internet / Wi-Fi is required at the location where you want to place the alarm system and PIR outdoor camera. The battery-powered wireless alarm system can support up to 50 components and 6 users as well as the included Motioncam detector with photo verification. The two-way communication between the Hub and the detectors is via an advanced wireless connection technology. The Hub can be set up, configured and operated completely via smartphone. In the event of an alarm, the hub can send a message to the users by E-mail, SMS or Push notification in the App.

Battery alarm system applications:
Due to its fully autonomous operation, this cable-free alarm system with siren is very suitable for securing boats, garages, campers, caravans and other objects where there is no electricity or internet.

Motion detector with camera operation:
The wireless motion detector with built-in camera is IP54 waterproof and has the advantage over a normal motion detector that you immediately receive a photo verification in the event of an alarm. The detector can be set so that it takes 1, 3 or 6 photos when there is movement. Movement up to 10 meters is detected by this detector and it can be set to 3 sensitivity levels. This pir motion detector with camera also has IR LEDs for night vision up to 7 meters. This system can of course also be expanded with normal motion detectors.

Remote control operation:
The remote control has buttons to switch the alarm on and off and also an SOS button. When this button is pressed, the alarm will immediately sound an alarm even if it is not switched on.

Wireless but safe:
Where there is a risk of jamming or disrupting the signal with other wireless alarm systems, this smart alarm system has a special function for this. The communication between the Hub and the detectors is 2-way and periodic checks are made to see whether the detectors are still responding. Because of this operation, the safety of the system comes close to a wired alarm and is therefore also Grade 2 certified.

Expand alarm system on battery:
A complete line of security products are available to expand your battery-powered alarm system and can be found below under the heading accessories.

Battery alarm system features:
- 2G GSM SIM card slot (4G upgrade possible, see accessories)
- Connect up to 50 sensors
- Set up to 6 users
- SMS message*, Call* or Push notification in the APP in case of alarm.
- Base station up to 1 year of operation on 4 D cell batteries
- Motion detector up to 5 years of battery operation
- Secure two-way connection to wireless components
- Test transmission every 6 hours
- Built-in Siren
- Built-in keypad and LCD status display
- Protection against tampering and jamming/jamming signal
- Can be used from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius
- Can be used up to 85% humidity
- PIRcam detector IP54 waterproof
- Hub only suitable for indoor use
- 260 x 183 x 43mm
- 990 grams including batteries
- Grade 2 certification

Package contents:
1 x Hub Xtreme life (brand VESTA)
1 x PIR outdoor motion detector with camera (VESTA brand)
4 x D cell battery
1 x Installation material
1 x Manual

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Vesta Cable-free alarm system with Outdoor PIR cam Xtreme life PLUS

Vesta Cable-free alarm system with Outdoor PIR cam Xtreme life PLUS