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Pros and cons : GPS tracker - PLUS

  • The GPS tracker is waterproof and has a magnetic attachment.
  • With average use with an interval of 10 seconds during movement, this GPS tracker still lasts up to 2 weeks on battery.
  • The live position and history of the GPS tracker can be viewed via the APP.
  • The tracker cannot activate the listen-in function in combination with the pre-paid data SIM card.

Description: GPS tracker - PLUS

This GPS tracker PLUS is a very stable GPS tracker with magnetic attachment which can be used for a wide variety of applications. Via an APP which you have to download on your smartphone you can see the location of the GPS tracker, view the history and adjust the settings.

Set up GPS tracker PLUS:
A SIM card with internet access must be placed in the GPS tracker. This can be a pre-paid SIM card or one of our Pre-paid data SIM cards. This SIM card is used to send the GPS locations via the internet to a server.

How does the GPS tracker PLUS work:
By default, the GPS tracker - Plus sends its position to the server every 10 seconds when the GPS tracker moves. When it is not moving, the GPS tracker only sends once per hour. On the APP you can see these locations on a map, a line is drawn which indicates the route of the GPS tracker. At these points it is indicated whether the GPS tracker is moving or standing still so that it is easy to filter locations. Besides the standard map view, the locations can also be viewed in satellite or street view view.

Compact size GPS tracker:
This GPS tracker distinguishes itself from other trackers by its compact size in relation to the battery life. GPS trackers with a comparable battery life are on average twice as big.

Magnetic fixation GPS tracker:
This GPS tracker has a built-in magnet and is waterproof. The magnet is so strong that it will remain in place even under extreme conditions.

UK design GPS tracker Plus:
This GPS tracker - Pro is designed in the UK and produced by the manufacturer according to our wishes. This GPS tracker is therefore exclusively for sale at our stores.

Long operation on battery charge:
With the standard interval of 10 seconds when moving and once every hour when it is stationary, the tracker will still last up to 2 weeks. This interval can be adjusted via the APP and there is also the possibility to put the GPS tracker into a sleep mode. In this mode, the GPS tracker only sends its position once a day and lasts up to 3 months.

Operation SCS Track APP:
The App called SCS Track is designed in the UK and very easy to use. The app includes the following options:
- Language is adjustable (also in Dutch)
- Quickly view live position and history up to 3 months
- Satellite, map and google streetview view
- Geofence adjustable
- Set alert when removing tracker using light sensor
- Set alert at start / stop by means of motion sensor
- Can be set in sleep mode where location is only sent once a day.

1 year license server:
The server where the GPS locations are sent comes with a license for 1 year. Renewal costs € 50 per year per GPS tracker.

The PLUS GPS tracker is a high-quality tracking system due to the high interval of 10 seconds in combination with the compact size and long battery life. For an even more professional version we offer the PRO GPS tracker. The PRO version already has an interval of 5 seconds, a very effective battery management which makes it possible to operate for up to a year and has further advanced options such as an anti-sweep function. View the GPS tracker PRO here .

Package contents:
1 x GPS tracker PLUS
1 x Incl 1 year server license
No SIM card

Specifications: GPS tracker - PLUS

Solutions for:: Trace car
GPS tracker operation: Real-time Internet (APP)
Magnet mounting: Yes
Battery working time: 1 - 2 weeks
Batterijduur standby: 1 - 2 weken
SOS panic button: No
Voice monitor functie: Ja
Length cm: 91
Wide cm: 58
Height cm: 23
Gewicht: 100 grams
Conformity: CE
SKU: 7564

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GPS tracker - PLUS

GPS tracker - PLUS


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