Black-box spy camera Xtreme life PLUS

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Pros and cons : Black-box spy camera Xtreme life PLUS

  • Very long standby time of several months due to the PIR motion sensor.
  • Up to 10 meters of night vision through invisible IR LEDS that do not light up.
  • Easy to use because the camera is already set correctly out of the box.
  • Can be placed both horizontally and vertically.
  • Because the lens is inconspicuously concealed behind black plastic, video gives a slightly purple glow.

Description: Black-box spy camera Xtreme life PLUS

This hidden camera is the most striking camera in our spy camera shop that is very easy to use by everyone. This black box contains a completely inconspicuous hidden camera system which can be used directly plug & play. So you do not need to run cables or have a power point, because this hidden camera works completely stand-alone.

Plug & play - hidden camera:
All you need to do is hang or place the hidden camera somewhere inconspicuous! No difficult settings or the like and you DO NOT need to be technical to use this device successfully. The stored video / audio recordings can easily be viewed on the computer or TV. You insert the SD card with the images into the computer and it will be recognized as an external hard drive (just like your camera, for example). You can now view the files with the supplied Windows software.

Completely unobtrusive - hidden camera:
The black box hidden camera works completely unobtrusively. There are no lights during filming and the camera does not emit a beep when the battery is empty. The camera lens is also completely invisible and not visible.

Can be used on battery or adapter - hidden camera:
The blackbox hidden camera has an internal rechargeable battery that allows continuous filming for up to 12 hours or up to several months of standby time. The long standby time is achieved by the advanced PIR motion detector. It is also possible to connect the black box to the mains using the supplied adapter.

Sound recording - hidden camera:
An internal microphone is invisibly built into this hidden camera, making it possible to record audio + video completely inconspicuously.

Motion Detection - Hidden Camera:

The hidden camera system works with motion detection by means of a PIR infrared detector. When motion is detected, the recorder will start filming. It is not possible to film continuously with this spycam.

Long standby time - hidden camera:
When you use the standard set PIR motion detection, the blackbox hidden camera can be on standby for up to a few months and is therefore ideal for locations where there is no movement for a long time. When motion is detected by the PIR sensor, the camera will start up within 2 seconds and start filming. When the camera is filming, it uses considerably more power and the battery is therefore depleted faster.

Continuous recording - hidden camera:
With the rechargeable internal battery, movement can be filmed for about 12 hours.

Invisible IR LEDs - hidden camera:
The hidden camera can film discreetly both during the day and at night. When it is dark, the IR LEDs will turn on, allowing you to film up to 10 meters in the dark. Because the IR LEDs transmit at 940nm, they are not visible to the human eye and will therefore not give a red glow or light beam. However, you should keep in mind that infrared LEDs reflect on glass when it is dark.

High quality from Taiwan:
We purchase this spycam from a supplier in Taiwan, where we purchase more high-quality spy camera products. The difference compared to Chinese spy camera models can be felt directly in the product and can be seen in the image quality and ease of use.

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Pay attention! Because the lens is behind black plastic on this camera, the image has a pink glow in certain lighting conditions. The images still remain sharp, but this is a product feature.

Hidden camera features:
- H.264 video compression
- 1280 x 720 pixels
- 84 degrees horizontal and 92 vertical angle lens
- Internal microphone
- PIR detector recording
- Stand-by for up to 6 months
- Up to 12 hours of continuous filming
- Up to 10 meters night vision
- 8 IR LEDs 940NM invisible
- 64 GB micro SD card support
- Lights to turn off during filming
- 120 x 120 x 30.5 mm

Package contents
- Camera + recording device in 1
- Remote control
- A / V OUT cable
- Adapter (For direct power or battery charging)
- Dutch and English manual
- No micro SD card is included

Specifications: Black-box spy camera Xtreme life PLUS

Camera type: Self recording camera
Resolution: 1280 x 720 (HD)
Nightvision: 5 -10 Mtr
Filming through glass: No
Waterproof: No
Recording function: SD card
Max. memory: 64 GB
Motion detection: Yes
Battery: No
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Battery working time: 8 - 12 hours
Length cm: 120
Height cm: 96
Wide cm: 72
Conformity: CE
SKU: 7049

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Black-box spy camera Xtreme life PLUS

Black-box spy camera Xtreme life PLUS


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