Full HD + (UTP) - Vandalproof Dome (wireless)

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Video: Full HD + (UTP) - Vandalproof Dome (wireless)

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Pros and cons : Full HD + (UTP) - Vandalproof Dome (wireless)

  • Can be placed at critical points by vandal-proof housing.
  • New generation Starlight lens, which keeps the image in color longer at night
  • Tailor-made base included for concealing cables.
  • Possible to connect a microphone for audio recording.
  • Motor varifocal lens. Zoom and focus via recorder.
  • Can also be made wireless with our Powerline adapters.
  • The camera can be zoomed from a distance, but cannot be rotated.

Description: Full HD + (UTP) - Vandalproof Dome (wireless)

The HD (UTP) Vandalproof Dome camera (wireless) is out of the line of the latest generation of CCTV surveillance cameras. This HD (UTP) Vandalproof Dome camera has, for example, a motorized varifocal lens, SMT IR LEDs, Power over Ethernet (POE) and Starlight night vision technology.

Motorized lens HD (UTP) Vandalproof Dome camera:
The motorized lens of the HD camera makes it possible to zoom via the recorder, but also from the APP. Due to the auto focus, the image is focused immediately and you therefore have between the 31 and 103 degree zoom range.

Vandaproof housing HD (UTP) Vandalproof Dome camera:
The vandalproof housing makes it possible to hang this HD camera in a place where someone can reach. The camera cannot be rotated and is impact-resistant.

New generation night vision HD (UTP) Vandalproof Dome camera:
By using the new generation of SMT IR LEDs and a special 'Starlight' light-sensitive lens, a superior night vision is made possible. This light-sensitive Starlight lens can film in color much longer in low light than is possible with a conventional security camera. The images are as clear in the dark as during the day and up to 30 meters night vision is possible thanks to the strong SMT LEDs.

Onvif Compatibility HD (UTP) Vandalproof Dome camera:
The (UTP) HD camera works with all our (UTP) HD recorders, but can also be connected to other UTP / IP systems that support the Onvif protocol.

Power over Ethernet HD (UTP) Vandalproof Dome camera:
The HD camera supports power over ethernet (POE) and can therefore be connected directly to our UTP HD recorders with a UTP network cable. The UTP HD recorders have a built-in POE switch which supplies the UTP HD cameras directly with power and where the image and possibly sound also run via the same cable.

Optional: SD card recording HD (UTP) Vandalproof Dome camera:
A micro SD card up to 64 GB can be inserted in the HD camera. This makes it possible to also save images in the camera itself. This increases the safety of the system when the HD recorder may be taken or damaged. However, this is already overcome by the built-in Dropbox Cloud storage in the HD recorder, which means that it will not be necessary for most people to also insert an SD card.

Optional: Wireless operation via power network with Powerline Adapters:
With the separately available powerline adapters it is possible to make the camera work wirelessly, so that no cable has to be drawn from the recorder to the camera. The images are then sent via the power line by the Powerline adapters. You place a powerline adapter (Master) with the supplied network cable (1.5 Mtr) on the HD recorder. Next, you also place a powerline adapter (Slave) near the camera, which you also connect with the included (1.5 Mtr) network cable. It is of course possible to order longer network cables if the 1.5 meter cables are not sufficient. With this 1200M version powerline adapters it doesn't matter if the powerline adapters are connected in the same group or phase as long as they are behind the same meter cupboard.

Optional: Wireless operation via Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi client:
When there is good Wi-Fi range present at the location of the camera, it is also possible to use our Wi-Fi client with POE to establish a wireless connection between the camera and recorder. The advantage over Powerline adapters is that you do not need a receiver and transmitter, but only one Wi-Fi client with POE per camera is sufficient. You place the Wi-Fi client with POE in the socket near the camera and connect it to your router via the WPS button. No further adjustment is required to run the images over the Wi-Fi network.

The last color of this vandalproof dome is black, but there are still some white models in stock for which you can contact us if you are interested.

Package Contents:
1 x HD (UTP) Vandalproof Dome camera
1 x welding box
1 x Screws + plugs

Specifications: Full HD + (UTP) - Vandalproof Dome (wireless)

Camera type: Additional camera
Resolution: 2048 x 1536 (1,5x Full HD)
View angle: Motorised varifocal, 31 tot 103 °
Filming through glass: No
Waterproof: Yes
Video out: UTP (POE)
Recording function: SD card
Max. memory: 64 GB
Motion detection: Yes
Audio: Microphone connection
Battery: No
Length cm: 15 cm
Height cm: 11,5 cm
Wide cm: 15 cm
SKU: 7823

Vragen:Full HD + (UTP) - Vandalproof Dome (wireless)

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Full HD + (UTP) - Vandalproof Dome (wireless)

Full HD + (UTP) - Vandalproof Dome (wireless)


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