GSM / GPS Tracker detector - Basic

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This gps tracker detector makes it possible for everyone to track a gps tracker. If you suspect that you are being watched with a GPS tracker by, for example, your partner or employer, you can investigate this yourself with this GPS tracker detector.

How does the GPS tracker detector - Basic work:
The gps tracker detector detects and recognizes the transmission signals when the gps tracker transmits their position. It does not matter whether this transmission is via SMS, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G. When this signal is recognized by the GPS tracker detector, it will give an indication by means of an LED signal and optional tone.

Technology GPS tracker detector - Basic:
The GPS tracker detector automatically calibrates itself at start-up and filters any existing signals so that an accurate detector can take place. This automatic calibration also makes it possible to trace GPS trackers by people who have no experience with this.

To find a GPS tracker:
This GPS tracker detector can detect 99% of trackers sold online and in stores. GPS trackers work in such a way that when the GPS trackers move, they transmit their signal at a specific interval of between 10 seconds and 2 minutes. You start by putting your phone in flight mode and going with your car times where there is little cell phone and wireless signals. When you then see that at a specific interval the GPS tracler indicates that a signal from a GPS tracker is being detected, you know that there must be a GPS tracker somewhere. Then you can adjust the sensitivity of the gps tracker detector and eventually physically search the gps tracker.

No activity log function:
Although, as mentioned above, this gps tracker detector - basic can detect 99% of the gps trackers, there are advanced trackers that can hardly be traced with this detector. These special trackers never send the locations in a package or only at a pre-programmed time. You need a detector from our Pro range to detect such advanced GPS tracker systems.

Features gps tracker detector - basic:
- Automatic calibration function
- Adjustable sensitivity
- Led indication with display of which signal
- Optional tone indication
- Operation on 4 x AAA rechargeable (included)
- Can also be used with a power bank for longer detection

Package Contents:
1 x GPS tracker detector - Basic
1 x Adapter
4 x AAA rechargeable batteries
1 x Earbuds
1x Manual

Note: Due to the specific nature of the product, products put into use are not returned.

Specifications: GSM / GPS Tracker detector - Basic

Product Name: GSM / GPS Tracker detector - Basic
Best for:: Detect listening devices
Detect:: 2G (GSM), 3G, 4G
Detection range: 1 - 10 Mtr
Activity log: No
Battery: Yes
Battery type: AAA
Vibration alarm: Yes
Battery working time: 8 - 12 hours
Length cm: 11.6
Height cm: 3.3
Wide cm: 7
SKU: 7909

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GSM / GPS Tracker detector - Basic

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