Android spy-phone software + installation

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  • Customers rate us with a 8.6 based on 404 reviews
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  • Specialist since 2007 Thuiswinkel Waarborg Sitcon

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Description: Android spy-phone software + installation

The android software works like a normal device but has many extra functions that have been added by us. This makes it possible to monitor all manuals that happen on the Samsung Galaxy live. We deliver the Control mobile complete with a user account created for you for our secure webpage which is linked by us to the Google Android Control phone.

How does the Control software work ?:
The Control software for the Google Android uses our server (internet page) and the internet connection of the Android mobile phone. This option is therefore ideal for the Google Android, because almost every Smartphone subscription has unlimited internet. In any case, the internet must be working on the Google Android phone, because with this the information is forwarded to the internet page. The personal internet page is set by us when installing the Control software on the Google Android. On this secure web page you can see messages received / sent, call lists, call duration and emails sent / received. The GSM Control software works for 1 year.

Working options for the android device.

SMS Copy: Now view all incoming and outgoing text messages from the phone. The text messages are immediately forwarded to the web server.

Web History: Now view all visited websites online on your personal web page. See which websites have been visited and what has been viewed on the site and at what time this has been.

GPS Location: Now view the live location of the phone. The phone will forward a location to the website every 30 minutes. You can also view the history of where the phone has been. This is accurate up to 5 meters when the phone has full GPS range.

Call Log: Now view all incoming and outgoing calls. You will see an overview with all incoming and outgoing calls with number display and a time and date.

Contacts List: See who has been added to the contacts list, view the name, phone number and time when the person was added to the contacts list.

Room Recording: Send a command from the website to record the room where the phone is located. You can record files of up to 20 minutes. After these 20 minutes, the phone will forward this sound file to the internet page.

Whats-App: On the internet page you will see an overview with all Whats-App conversations with date, time and the name of the person who has been chatting with.

Call Recording: When there is an incoming or outgoing call on the telephone, what the user says on the telephone (not the person who is calling) will be recorded and sent directly to the web server. You can then download the files here and listen back.

Photo and Video: Every photo or video that is taken with the Samsung is immediately forwarded to your personal internet page where you can view and possibly download it.

Email: Get a copy of every email sent or received. Here you will see an overview of all emails with the sender / recipient and the date and time, you will see this overview on the web page.

Cost of use:
There are no further costs for using the spy software. However, you should keep in mind that all information is sent to our server via the internet connection of the SIM card in the Google Android mobile phone. If this SIM card does not have unlimited internet, the provider will charge costs to the SIM card or debit prepaid credit. Fortunately, 99% of the Google Android users have unlimited access to the internet on their SIM card, as this is also necessary for full use of the normal applications on the Google Android GSM.

Also other Android models:
Although almost all Samsung models are supported, it is advisable to contact us by phone if you want a different model / color Android phone.

Important prior to purchase: As this is a converted product that is composed of several parts, the right of withdrawal does not apply. We also charge Euro 100.00 if the software installed by us is removed and has to be set up again by us. When purchasing on request, we provide a comprehensive personal explanation at our office, where you can ask all questions and the product is demonstrated. If you have further questions later, we can initially only offer you support by e-mail.

Sitcon accepts no liability for the incorrect or illegal use of the espionage products offered by us. Sitcon advises everyone to check before purchase and use whether the use of a spy product offered by Sitcon is legal in the country for the desired use and application. Because we also export, our spyshop products may not be used in the Netherlands!

Specifications: Android spy-phone software + installation

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Android spy-phone software + installation

Android spy-phone software + installation


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