Fog generator alarm module

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Description: Fog generator alarm module

This fog generator can be connected wirelessly to our PLUS and ELITE alarm systems. The fog generator is suitable for securing rooms up to 150 m³ and can operate on battery for up to 4 years. The fog generator can be set in such a way that in the event of an alarm, the creation of smoke is started immediately or with a certain delay, so that intruders are obstructed from view.

Wireless fog generator features:
- Wirelessly connectable to PLUS and ELITE hub
- Adjustable with different rules for activation
- Battery operation up to 4 years
- 3v DC battery pack
- Low battery notification
- No wiring has to be connected
- Suitable for rooms up to 150 m³
- The smoke that is generated is non-toxic
- Built-in siren
- 360 ° manifold
- Given 100% smoke for 25 seconds
- Replaceable smoke cartridge
- Cartridges are for single use
- Can be used from -20 to 55 degrees
- 70% maximum humidity
- 185 x 100 x 105 mm
- 850 grams with smoke capsule and batteries

Package contents:
1 x Fog generator (Vesta brand)
1 x Battery already installed
1 x Smoke cartridge already installed
1 x Fixing material

Specifications: Fog generator alarm module

Battery: Yes
Conformity: CE
SKU: 7972

Vragen:Fog generator alarm module

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Fog generator alarm module

Fog generator alarm module


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