Clock Wi-Fi spy camera EASY

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Pros and cons : Clock Wi-Fi spy camera EASY

  • The design clock resembles a standard kitchen clock and is therefore a lot less noticeable.
  • The lens is very well concealed and has a Full HD resolution.
  • The APP for Android and iOS smartphones is easy to use and has push notifications.
  • The clock spycam can be used both on battery and with the supplied adapter.
  • On battery operation is max. 4 hours. However, the camera can also be connected with the adapter or a power bank.

Description: Clock Wi-Fi spy camera EASY

This clock camera Wi-Fi EASY is an inconspicuous clock that can store the images on a micro SD card and can be watched directly via the smartphone APP. The lens of the clock camera is hidden very inconspicuously above 12 o'clock and because of the normal design, the clock spycam can be placed inconspicuously in many rooms.

How does the clock camera mini Wi-Fi EASY work:
At the back of the clock is an SD card slot where a micro SD card up to a maximum of 128 GB can be placed (not included). Then the clock spycam can be turned on via a slider. The clock camera will now create a Wi-Fi network that you can connect to with an Android or iOS smartphone via the APP. You can then set the data of the available Wi-Fi network in the APP and adjust the parameters if desired. The clock will then record the images on the SD card when there is movement and you can watch live from any location in the world via the APP.

Internal battery clock camera mini Wi-Fi EASY:
The clock spy camera comes with micro USB cable and adapter, but also has an internal rechargeable battery. With this battery it is possible to film up to 4 hours and therefore suitable for a short use where a power connection is not possible. Because the clock camera is powered by a micro USB connection, it is also possible to connect a power bank to the clock spycam to let it film longer without mains power.

EASY VS PRO clock camera Wi-Fi:
This EASY clock spycam Wi-Fi has been extensively tested by us and found to be good enough to be included in our range. This EASY version comes from China while the PRO version comes from Taiwan and is from the Lawmate brand. Depending on the purpose and required information, you can choose between the models. Despite the fact that the quality and ease of use of the PRO version is a lot higher, this EASY version can also suffice in many cases. View the Wi-Fi clock camera Pro here

Features clock camera mini Wi-Fi EASY:
- Full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixel recording
- 10 frames per second
- H.264 video compression
- Mp4 video format
- Viewing angle of 65 degrees
- The viewing direction can be adjusted 20 degrees by swiveling foot
- Night vision up to 8 meters by means of 10 IR LEDs
IR LEDs are invisible
- Two way audio via APP
- 1500 mAh battery li-ion rechargeable
- Up to 4 hours of battery operation
- Up to 128 Gb micro SD card support
- 5 volt 1A micro usb
- APP for Android and iOS

Package contents:
1 x Clock camera mini Wi-Fi EASY
1 x 1500 mAH battery
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x 5 volt adapter
1 x Instruction Manual

Specifications: Clock Wi-Fi spy camera EASY

Camera type: IP (WiFi camera)
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
View angle: 60 - 75 °
Nightvision: 5 -10 Mtr
Filming through glass: No
Waterproof: No
Software / APP: iOS, Android
Video out: Wi-Fi (2,4 Ghz)
Recording function: SD card
Max. memory: 32 GB
Meegeleverd geheugen: N.v.t.
Motion detection: Yes
Alarm notification: Push notification
Audio: Yes
Battery: Yes
Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
Battery working time: 3 - 8 hours
Length cm: 14.5 cm
Height cm: 10 cm
Wide cm: 6 cm
Conformity: CE
SKU: 7863

Vragen:Clock Wi-Fi spy camera EASY

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Clock Wi-Fi spy camera EASY

Clock Wi-Fi spy camera EASY


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