3 ways to find someone's GPS location

Do you want to find out someone's location? Then it is ideal to do this by obtaining a GPS location. You can do this by manipulating a smartphone, sending a link and using a GPS tracker. It may be that the aforementioned solutions may not be used in the Netherlands, take this into account when purchasing a GPS tracker or manipulating a smartphone.

Find out GPS location through smartphone manipulation

Software allows you to manipulate an iPhone, among other things . This makes it possible to observe all activities. This data is transmitted via a personal web page that can be accessed via a browser. Information is forwarded if there is an internet connection. It is advisable to provide this smartphone with a subscription with unlimited internet, so it is guaranteed that you receive all data and there are no breaks. With this software it is possible to see the GPS location live. This location is sent to the webpage every 30 minutes and there is also a history of GPS locations. This is accurate to 5 meters. Do you want to manipulate a smartphone with Google Android ? That is also possible.

Track GPS location by sending a link

Unable to manipulate a smartphone? Then you can apply other methods. This way you can find out a location when a link is clicked and permission is given. This is possible with so-called Cell Tracker software, and numerous tools can be found via the internet. Keep in mind that not everyone kicks in here and you only receive a GPS location once. If you need a GPS location again, you must request it again (via an anonymous message).

Find out GPS location through GPS tracker

In most cases, manipulating a smartphone is found to be too invasive and is unable to get someone's location via Cell Tracker software. In that case, a GPS tracker can offer a solution. You can paste it under a vehicle and then continuously see where your GPS tracker is located. Depending on the system you choose, this can be live or you will receive a GPS location when a message is sent to the GPS tracker. By means of a GPS tracker it is possible to trace people. This is easiest via a vehicle, at this moment your GPS tracker will not be traced and you will not be following. Most GPS trackers have a magnet, so you can stick your GPS tracker under a car. The location of a GPS tracker can then be forwarded by means of a SIM card. Via Sitcon.nl you will find a wide range of GPS trackers that you can use right away. More than 20 different GPS trackers for all kinds of purposes.



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