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Buy a mini camera? Read useful tips here

When you are planning to buy a mini camera it is usually for a specific application. For example, you may want to check what your children are doing while you are not at home or collect evidence of a theft in your company. Whatever the reason is to buy a mini camera, it is wise to set certain requirements for the mini camera based on the application and situation.

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New high quality mini camera sets available

Now that the market is being flooded with cheap mini camera sets from China, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get high-quality spycams. Because for many applications there is a need for a camera that does not fall under the 'Gadget' label, we have expanded our mini camera range with high-quality cameras from Taiwan. These cameras all have very professional features and are used by various government agencies in America for example.

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Smallest HD mini camera in the world

Spyshop Sitcon.nl has now included the smallest HD camera in the world in its range. A few years ago filming in HD quality was only possible with professional camcorders, nowadays there is already this mini HD camera that is no bigger than a lighter.

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