Hire a detective agency: What legal requirements must an agency meet?

More and more people are hiring a criminal investigation agency to gather evidence in corporate investigations and private detective cases. However, before you engage a criminal investigation agency, it is important to know the requirements that a private criminal investigation agency must meet.


Legal requirements investigation agency:
All private criminal investigation agencies wishing to offer criminal investigation services in the Netherlands must meet the following requirements. If you are considering hiring a company investigation agency to do an investigation, it is strongly recommended that you check whether the investigation agency meets these requirements. Indeed, on websites such as marketplace, but also on professional-looking web pages, search services are offered by people or companies that do not meet the requirements. This can cause problems with the later validity of a report in the event of a legal case, but often the actual criminal investigation is also of lower quality.

Permit from the Ministry of Justice:
All private detective agencies must be in possession of a permit. When a license has been granted to a criminal investigation agency, this company is assigned a POB number. You can in any case assume that such a search agency complies with certain legal requirements. If this is not the case, this office can lose its license.

Registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority:
A private investigation agency must be registered with the Data Protection Authority. In practice, this means that the criminal investigation agency must comply with the guidelines of this organization and this is checked by the Dutch DPA. For example, this body imposes certain requirements on criminal investigation agencies that relate to privacy and the storage time and method of personal data.

Investigators in possession of a diploma:
When a criminal investigation agency meets the top 2 requirements, you can assume that the agency at least meets the conditions set for a company. It is advisable to check outside of this whether the people who use this company for the research you have given are in possession of the necessary diplomas. Private investigators must have a 'private investigator' diploma in order to obtain a proof of private investigation agency.

Proof of identity of private investigation agency:
When a private detective is in possession of the required diploma, he can request proof of identity from a private investigation agency. This is also called 'yellow pass' and has a validity of 3 years. Without this pass, a private investigator is not allowed to carry out research work. Checking this is advisable, because the counterparty or judge in a court case can request that this pass be handed over.

Other requirements investigation agency:
Requirements outside the sector specific requirements as mentioned above must of course also be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. .

Tip for hiring a detective agency:
When you are about to call in a criminal investigation agency and you have a larger investigation than just some research work, it is advisable to hold a personal intake interview. In this interview you get a feel for the quality of the detective agency and you can also ask about the results in comparable cases.

Investigation agencies that meet the legal requirements include:

QUSO Bedrijfsrecherche BV
AACON Private Detective



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