Paraben forensic sticks

iPhone listening software now also IOS 7.x suitable

The iPhone Receovery Stick with which it is possible to listen to an iPhone is now also IOS 7.X suitable. Listening to an iPhone is only possible afterwards if you have the phone in your possession and can connect it to a computer together with the iRecovery Stick. The forensic software on the USB stick makes it possible to recover certain deleted data from the iPhone, such as text messages, notes, locations and more plain text files.

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Paraben Sticks launches new SIM card reader

The new forensic software stick from Paraben Sticks 'Simcard Seizure' and has been specially developed to recover information such as deleted text messages, deleted calls and other information from a SIM card. The SIM card recovery software scans the SIM card and can recover most information from all SIM card readers.

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Download text messages from an iPhone with the iPhone Recovery Stick

For downloading deleted SMS messages from a SIM card, a SIM card reader has been on the market for some time and can download deleted SMS messages and other information from a SIM card. Unfortunately, these SIM card readers do not work on an iPhone or can only restore very limited data. The new iPhone Recovery Stick from Paraben products can not only retrieve the deleted text messages from an iPhone, but much more.

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The Porn Detection Stick

After the launch of the Porn Detection Stick we get a lot of questions about whether and how this porn detection stick works. There have also been various discussions on various internet forums about this spy stick and whether its use has added value. Although we cannot determine this for you, we can fully explain what the porn detection stick can and does exactly.

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