Anti Eavesdropping - Plug

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Description: Anti Eavesdropping - Plug

The Anti Eavesdropping Plug is a very small size plug that should be placed in your 3.7mm jack input on your phone. From the moment you have placed the Anti-Eavesdropping - Plug in the phone, the microphone + speaker is switched off, making it impossible to eavesdrop on the phone. It is possible to monitor your phone remotely, this can be done by opening the microphone of your phone via text message. The moment you use this Anti Eavesdropping - Plug, this is no longer possible.

How to Install the Anti Bug - Plug:

You place the Anti Eavesdropping - Plug in the 3.7mm input on your phone. For the rest, no software is required to use this plug, the plug also fits on any phone as long as it has a 3.7mm jack input on it (This is the same input as for your earbuds).

No extra batteries Anti Eavesdropping - Plug:

Almost all Phone Blocking Devices operate on a battery that must be recharged after use. The big advantage of this Anti Eavesdropping - Plug is that this plug uses power from the phone via the 3.7mm input. This way you can be sure that this Anti-Eavesdropping - Plug is always ready for use, even at unexpected moments.

Anti Eavesdropping - Plug Hidden in a Pen:

The Anti Eavesdropping Plug comes with a pen holder so that it is always easy to carry and always at hand. The Anti-Eavesdropping Plug is also hidden in this so that nothing can be seen from the pen itself, writing with this pen is also possible.

Features Anti Eavesdropping - Plug:

- Plug & Play to use

- Suitable for any type of phone

- No additional software required

- 100% safe

- Blocks the microphone + Speaker of your phone

- No extra batteries required

- Always ready to use

- Hides in a handy pen holder

Package contents:

1x Anti Eavesdropping - Plug

1x Hidden Pen holder

Note: Due to the specific nature of the product, products that have been put into use will not be returned.

Specifications: Anti Eavesdropping - Plug

Best for:: Protect data
Protect with:: Signal blocking
Battery: No
Vibration alarm: No
SKU: 7670

Vragen:Anti Eavesdropping - Plug

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Anti Eavesdropping - Plug

Anti Eavesdropping - Plug


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