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Specifications: Camera research

Best for:Hire sweep service
Detect:2G (GSM), 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, Laser, UHF / LHF / VHF, Wireless camera´s, Wired camera´s
Wireless camera detection1,2 Ghz camera´s, 2,4 Ghz camera´s, 5,8 Ghz camera´s
Vibration alarmNo

During a camera investigation, we check whether a security camera is real or fake and at what angle and to what distance the security camera films.

How does a camera investigation work?

When investigating a camera or camera system, we visit the location and take photos of the object and existing cameras. We then draw this up and add the photos together with an overview from Google Maps in a report with the possible brand and type of cameras and the expected viewing angles.

For whom do we conduct camera research?

We mainly conduct these investigations for insurance companies where there is a legal dispute between neighbors, but we can also do this for private individuals or companies. However, we can only observe what is visible from the public road and we do not stand in front of the house together with the requesting party to jointly view and/or discuss the cameras.

Request a camera investigation

You can request an investigation from us by e-mail, but it is of course possible to first discuss the matter by telephone. Please contact us without obligation.

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Camera research

Camera research