Privacy Router - Anonymous internet browsing

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Description: Privacy Router - Anonymous internet browsing

With this Privacy Router you ensure that all wired or Wi-Fi connected devices are not traceable on the internet. Normally when you visit a website, the web administrator of the website can see from which IP address you are visiting the website, so the administrator can trace you to your home address. When you use this router, your computer will first connect to a special VPN server that assigns a new IP address from any country to your PC. When this is done, the web administrator of a website will see an IP address from, for example, Australia, while you simply visit the website from your own PC at home.

How does a Privacy Router work:
You replace your normal router with this Privacy Router or connect the Privaxy router between a normal router and your modem. If you are using a wireless device, simply search for the router in your WiFi settings and connect to it. When you turn on the router, it will connect to the "Tor" network. The "Tor" network is a kind of server that gives your computer or telephone a random IP address from a country and changes it automatically. The web administrator of a website can see exactly from which IP address you are on his website. You can be traced back to your home address via an IP address. When you use this Privacy Router, the web administrator will see an IP address from abroad while you are at home at the computer or are surfing the internet on your phone.

Plug & Play Privacy Router:
Many people think that installing a Privacy Router is a daunting task and difficult to install. This Privacy Router is a Plug & Play Router that can be installed within 10 minutes. You plug out your existing router and connect this Privacy Router to your modem and switch it on. The Privacy Router will automatically connect to the Tor network without you having to change any complicated settings.

Private Internet:
Because this router automatically connects to a server of the tor network, you can visit all websites on the internet completely anonymously. With every page that is loaded your computer gets a different IP address from the tor network. This IP address is from a different country and therefore a different address than the address from which you are using the internet. This can be useful, for example, if you want to look around the competitor's website without them noticing!

Privacy Router features:

- Safe internet

- Can be used both wirelessly and wired

- 4 Ethernet ports

- Plug & Play Anonymous Router

2.4 + 5GHz dual band router

- Router with Special TOR software

Content Packaging:

1x Privacy Router

1x 12V Adapter

1x Dutch Manual

Note: Due to the specific nature of the product, products that have been put into use will not be returned.

Specifications: Privacy Router - Anonymous internet browsing

Best for:: Protect data
Protect with:: Anonymous products
Battery: No
Vibration alarm: No
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Privacy Router - Anonymous internet browsing

Privacy Router - Anonymous internet browsing


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