Android tablet spy software + installation

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Description: Android tablet spy software + installation

Android tablet spy software: The Android tablet software can be installed on all Android tablets up to and including Android version 4.2. You deliver your Android tablet to us and we convert it into a spy tablet within 24 hours. With the installation package we provide a user account created for you for our secure webpage which is linked by us to your tablet.

How does it work?:
The spy software for the Android tablet uses our server (internet page) and the internet connection of the tablet. This option is therefore ideal for a tablet, because a tablet almost always has an internet connection for the use of the Apps. In any case, the internet must work on the tablet, because this means that the information is forwarded to the internet page. The personal internet page is set to each other by us when installing the spy software on the talet. On this secure web page you can see messages received / sent, call lists, call duration and emails sent / received. The software works for 1 year. When the software is about to expire, you will receive a notification on your personal web page. You can then contact us to renew the software.


App control:

You will see all apps that are used or installed on the tablet in an overview on your personal web page. You will also get the time and date when which app was opened and how long it was used.

Visited websites:

The websites that are visited on the tablet are shown in an overview with the link of the web page.

E-mail activity :
From all e-mail accounts set up on the tablet such as @aol, @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo you will receive a copy of the incoming or outgoing e-mail on the internet page, with the contents of the e-mail.

Photo / Video:

All photos and video that are made with the tabler and are no larger than 15 MB will be sent to the web page.

All bookmarks made on the tablet on the internet will be visible.

Unobtrusive spy software:
The software works completely unobtrusively and the user of the tablet will not notice the presence of the spy software. So no messages or the like will appear in a mailbox.

GPS tracking:
The GPS position of the tablet is transmitted at an interval of 30 minutes. It does depend on whether there is GPS coverage. In a home, the tablet will not have an optimal GPS range and the location can be displayed with an away. As soon as the tablet has GPS range, the location of the tablet will be accurately displayed with a deviation of up to 5 meters!

Cost of use:
There are no further costs for using the spy software. However, you should keep in mind that all information is sent to our server via the internet connection of the SIM card in the tablet. If this SIM card does not have unlimited internet, the provider will charge costs to the SIM card or debit prepaid credit. If the tabler does not have the option for a SIM card, the information will be sent as soon as the tablet connects to a WiFi network.

Supported IOS:

 The Android tablet software can be installed on all Android tablets up to and including Android version 4.2.

Important prior to purchase: As this is a converted product that is composed of several parts, the right of withdrawal does not apply. We also charge Euro 100.00 if the software installed by us is removed and has to be set up again by us. When purchasing on request, we provide a comprehensive personal explanation at our office, where you can ask all questions and the product is demonstrated. If you have further questions later, we can initially only offer you support by e-mail.

Sitcon accepts no liability for the incorrect or illegal use of the espionage products offered by us. Sitcon advises everyone to check before purchase and use whether the use of a spy product offered by Sitcon is legal in the country for the desired use and application. Because we also export, our spyshop products may not be used in your country!

Specifications: Android tablet spy software + installation

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Android tablet spy software + installation

Android tablet spy software + installation


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