Ajax 4G 12 Volt Hub 2 Starter Kit Black SMART


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Color: Black

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Ajax Hub 2 4G - Black SMART   + €555.00
PIR motion detector with camera - Black SMART   + €227.00
Door contact magnet Black SMART   + €58.00
Remote control Black SMART   + €47.00
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Pros and cons : Ajax 4G 12 Volt Hub 2 Starter Kit Black SMART

  • Can be connected to 8 to 12 volt battery.
  • 4G connection for hassle-free mobile use.
  • Wireless via a unique secure two-way connection.
  • Get a photo in case of alarm from the motion detector with built-in camera.
  • Easy to install yourself.
  • A keypad and siren are not supplied as standard with the kit.
  • No battery is included.

Description: Ajax 4G 12 Volt Hub 2 Starter Kit Black SMART

This Ajax Hub 2 12 volt alarm system SMART in the color black comes with a 4G Hub 2 base station, 12 volt connection, a magnetic contact detector, remote control and PIR motion detector with built-in photo camera. Especially the addition of this MotionCam makes this alarm system even more complete, because you can immediately see on the photo what the alarm gives. Furthermore, this starter kit includes everything you need to start using it right away, but it can also easily be expanded further.

How does the Ajax Hub 2 alarm system work:
The Hub 2 is the central point of this Ajax alarm system. You connect this box to an 8 to 12 volt battery and to your router with a network cable or insert a SIM card. The sensors are battery powered and have a wireless connection to the base station. Use the supplied screws or the double-sided tape to fix the sensors in the desired location. You then use the Hub 2 to set the wireless motion detector with camera and magnetic contact to the settings you want via the Smartphone App. You can then continue to use the SMART alarm system via the remote control or the App. When a sensor sends an alarm message to the base station, the Hub will signal the siren to go off and at the same time give you and possibly other users an alarm message on your phone.

Install yourself or have it installed?
Although this alarm system is easy to install yourself, you can of course also have the system installed at your location. We are happy to put you in touch with a specialized company, so that their experienced installers ensure proper operation, adjust the settings to your wishes and provide you with an extensive product explanation.

Setting up the Ajax Hub 2 alarm system:
You set the Hub 2 and the accessories to the settings you want via the Smartphone App. This App, which is available in various languages, including Dutch, French and German, guides you step by step with setting up the alarm system. When you have completely set up the system, you can operate it via the same App, but also via the remote control.

Secure wireless connection
Where with other wireless alarm systems there is a danger of jamming or disrupting the signal, the SMART alarm system has a special function for this. The communication between the Hub and the detectors is 2-way. this means that every 12-300 seconds (adjustable) a check is made to see whether the detectors are still responding. When no more connection can be made with this, the system will give an alarm message

Operation MotionCam PIR motion detector with camera:
The MotionCam is a wireless PIR motion detector with a built-in photo camera. The SMART alarm system can send visual alarm notifications in combination with this MotionCam. Ideal to immediately see what is going on. The motion detector has a detection range of up to 12 meters, 3 sensitivity levels and does not respond to pets up to 20 kg.

Operation Doorprotect magnetic contact:
The wireless magnetic contact detector can be placed on a window or door. The magnetic contact detector will send a wireless signal to the Hub when the magnet separates. By using powerful magnets, they can be placed up to 2 cm apart.

Operation Spacecontrol remote control:
Besides buttons to switch the alarm on and off, this remote control also has an SOS button. When this button is pressed, the alarm will sound immediately even if it is not switched on.

Inserting a SIM card:
Optionally, a SIM card can be placed in the Hub so that an alarm can still be given if the internet signal is lost. We supply certain SIM cards for this, which you can find under the accessories section. This SIM card ensures that if the internet is lost or if you do not have a fixed internet at the location, you can still use the system. You can also insert any other SIM card with internet.

Expanding the Ajax alarm system:
The SMART alarm system has many expansion options. Up to 100 detectors and up to 10 surveillance cameras can be connected to the Hub 2 base station. There are also several Hubs, each with its own capabilities. See the recommended extensions under accessories below or contact us for a suitable proposal.

Features Ajax Hub 2 alarm system:
- Ethernet connection (LAN)
- 4G LTE SIM card slot
- Connect up to 100 sensors
- Set up to 50 users
- Set up to 50 rooms
- Set up to 9 groups
- Alarm signal within 0.15 seconds
- SMS message*, Call* or Push notification in case of alarm. *When inserting SIM card
- ARM processor
- 110 - 240 volt power supply via adapter
- Backup battery up to 16 hours
- AES encryption between host and sensors
- Up to 200 meters range between sensors in open space
- 868.0 - 868.6 Mhz frequency sensors
- Protection against sabotage and jamming/jamming signal
- Connect up to 25 cameras
- Compatible with PIR MotionCam detector
- 163 x 163 x 36mm
- 350 grams
- Grade 2 certification
- Made in the EU

Package content:
1 x Hub 2 4G - Black SMART (Ajax Systems brand)
1 x Motioncam - Black SMART (brand Ajax systems)
1 x Doorprotect - Black SMART (brand Ajax systems)
1 x Spacecontrol - Black SMART (brand Ajax systems)
1 x 8 to 12 volt connector (brand Ajax systems)
Installation material
No battery is included

Specifications: Ajax 4G 12 Volt Hub 2 Starter Kit Black SMART

Conformity: CE
Detector: Movement, Door, Camera, Window
Alarm type: Wireless systeem, Alarmsysteem op batterij
Sirene: No
Alarm notification: Push notification
Battery: Yes
Adapter voltage: 9 volt, 12 volt
SKU: 9326

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Ajax 4G 12 Volt Hub 2 Starter Kit Black SMART

Ajax 4G 12 Volt Hub 2 Starter Kit Black SMART

8.6 / 10
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

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