Wireless camera set with screen (A) EASY 4


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Wireless camera set with screen (A) EASY 4
Wireless camera set with screen (A) EASY 4

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    Description: Wireless camera set with screen (A) EASY 4

    This security camera set EASY 4 consists of a 9 inch LCD receiver with built-in SD card recorder and 4 infrared night vision wireless cameras. This complete security camera set is an easy to install security system. The Full HD wireless surveillance camera set can be installed without many cables, because only the camera and the receiver / recorder must be connected to power with the included adapters. The wireless cameras have night vision and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The distance between the surveillance cameras and the recorder can be up to 50 meters *, which decreases when there are walls or other obstacles. The video images are digitally sent to the 9 inch LCD receiver with built-in recorder. Here the video is stored on an SD card and you can easily view, edit or e-mail the recorded images.

    Digital signal - Full HD wireless camera set:
    The problem of wireless cameras based on analog signal are mainly the susceptibility to interference in bad weather conditions or the intervention of the wall or other obstacle between the camera and recorder. It also regularly happens that the wireless camera interferes with the existing WiFi network and that these cannot be used at the same time. Because this camera set uses a digital signal, these problems do not apply and it is also possible to get an interference-free image up to a maximum of 50 meters indoors.

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use - Full HD wireless camera set:
    The wireless camera is waterproof and can therefore be hung outside on a facade, but can also be used indoors due to its compact shape. When it gets dark, the infrared LEDs turn on and in the dark you can get a clear image up to a distance of 15 meters. During the day the images will be clearly recorded in color and at night this will be black and white. It is important that the camera is not placed behind glass because the light from the infrared LEDs reflects on the glass when it is dark.

    9 inch LCD screen - Full HD wireless camera set:
    The SD card recorder is built into the 9 inch LCD monitor with this wireless security camera set. The advantage of this is that there is no need to connect an external monitor and the recorded or live images can be viewed directly on the screen per camera or all 4 cameras simultaneously. The 9 inch monitor has the following advanced functions compared to competitive systems such as:
    - Touch screen
    - Internal li-ion rechargeable battery
    - Integrated antennas
    - Integrated standard
    - Two-way audio / intercom

    Motion detection - Full HD wireless camera set:
    The wireless camera set has motion detection so that memory can be saved and only images are recorded if something happens. Of course it is also possible to have the wireless camera set continuously recorded if necessary or even only at set times with the timer function.

    Quad recording function - Full HD wireless camera set:
    The digital video recorder with 9 inch LCD screen has an updated function in which up to 4 cameras can be displayed on a screen at the same time, but can also be recorded simultaneously. This wireless camera set can therefore be extended with additional wireless cameras to a total of up to 4 pieces. The additional wireless cameras can be ordered under the TAB accessories at the top of the page.

    Live view - Full HD wireless camera set:
    This HD wireless camera set has a LAN connection with which you can connect the recorder to your router with a network cable. Then you can view the images of the wireless camera set live from anywhere in the world via the APP P2PCamLive via your iPhone or Android Smartphone. You scan the QR code on the back of the DVR with your mobile camera and the APP will automatically connect. So you no longer need to adjust (router) settings. It is not possible to use live view via a Windows or Mac OS computer.

    Features Full HD wireless infrared camera:
    - 1 / 2.7 FHD Cmos image sensor
    - 2400 Mhz - 2483.5 Mhz
    - 4 Mbps data rate
    - 16 dBm (TYP) transmitting power
    - 1920 x 1080 pixels
    - H.264
    - 3.6 mm / F 1.8 (IR cut filter)
    - 92 degrees viewing angle
    - 16 IR LEDs
    - Up to 15 meters night vision
    - IP 65 waterproof
    - 600 mA max current consumption
    - Adapter: DC 9V 2A

    LCD recorder features:
    - 9 inch LCD screen
    - 2400 ~ 2483 Mhz receiver frequency
    - 85 dBm receiver sensitivity
    - 1024 (W) x RGB x 600 (H) resolution screen
    - ASF video format
    - H.264 video compression
    - 128 GB SD card support
    - + - 1 hour of filming with 1 camera on 1 GB SD card
    - Full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixels recording resolution
    - 15 frames per second (FPS)
    - 5 seconds auto switching
    LAN cable connector
    - Live view iPhone & Android smartphone (QR code)
    - Rechargeable li-ion battery
    - Touch screen
    - Two way audio
    - Adapter: DC 5V 2A
    - Power consumption: 750mA / 1050mA max.
    - Dimensions: 251 x 24 x 154 mm
    - Weight: 582 grams

    Package contents wireless camera set:
    - Wireless LCD SD card recorder
    - 4 x Wireless infrared camera
    - No SD card
    - Mounting brackets
    - 5 x adapter
    - Instruction manual

    Specifications: Wireless camera set with screen (A) EASY 4

    Camera type: Camera set Wireless
    Number of cameras: 4 Camera´s
    Resolution:1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
    Looking from a distance:Yes
    Nightvision:10- 15 Mtr
    View angle: 90 - 95 °
    Filming through glass: No
    Software / APP: iOS, Android
    Video out: 2,4 Ghz RF
    Recording function: SD card
    Max. memory: 128 GB
    Meegeleverd geheugen: N.v.t.
    Motion detection: Yes
    Alarm notification: Push notification
    Audio: Yes, Yes, two way
    LCD: 9 inch, Yes, internal
    Battery: Yes
    Battery type: Li-ion recharchable
    Battery working time: 1 - 3 hours
    SKU: 9215

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    Wireless camera set with screen (A) EASY 4

    Wireless camera set with screen (A) EASY 4


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