3GP Camera Installation Module

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Description: 3GP Camera Installation Module

The 3GP Camera Built-in Module is a small module that records in .3GP files. Because the 3GP incorporates the Camera Built-in Module into these .3GP files, the camera uses little power and memory, making it possible to record for a long time with this camera module. The Module consists of a small camera, a microphone for sound, and a small battery (550 mAh that can be replaced by a larger one, so that you can record even longer).

How does the 3GP Camera Built-in Module work:

The Camera Module is a complete module that can be charged via a mini USB cable. Charging this module takes approximately 4 hours. When the battery is charged, the module can film up to 3 hours. The images are stored on an internal (8 GB) memory, you can read these images by connecting the module to your PC or laptop with a USB cable.

Replace battery:

This module has a 550mAh battery as standard. This battery can take up to 3 hours. Because the battery of this module is attached to the module with a + and - cable, you can replace it with any other 3.7v battery (for example Nokia). This way you can record longer on the same memory.


This is the famous .3GP Camera Module with low resolution and high quality. Buy the .3GP Module online or in one of our shops in Nieuwegein or Rotterdam. On the 8 GB internal memory this module can record up to 20 hours.

Package Contents:

1x .3GP Camera Module

1x USB cable

1x 5V Charger

Specifications: 3GP Camera Installation Module

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3GP Camera Installation Module

3GP Camera Installation Module


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